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Water Treatment

Well Water/Drinking Water Treatment

 Many dairies use well water for all water use on the dairy.  In some cases this is the only option, in some cases, this is the most cost effective option.  Well water can contain contaminants such as Iron, Manganese, H2S, and other taste and odor causing elements.  

Ozone can be used for water treatment to oxidize these contaminates.


If your dairy has poor quality well water, or are interested in drilling a well for your dairy, consider the use of an ozone water treatment system for your dairy.


How it works

Ozone is used to oxidize iron from water for safe and easy filtration.  Iron dissolved in water (Fe+2) will pass directly through a filter.  By oxidizing iron it will form a state (Fe+3) that will be easily filtered with a back-washable sand filter.

Manganese is oxidized from water much like iron is.  Manganese in well water is in the Mn form and is oxidized to MnO2 which will be easily filtered from water with the same back-washable sand filter.

H2S can cause major taste and odor issues in drinking water.  H2S will be oxidized to H2O and elemental sulfur, or sulfate (SO).  Ozone can oxidize H2S without filtration but requires sufficient contact time.

Organics in the water can cause taste and odor issues.  These organics will also cause bacteria to grow in downstream piping and drinkers.  Ozone will oxidize all organics as they will be carbon based and ozone will strip the carbon to create CO and CO2.

Ozone can also be used to treat rural water piped to the dairy.  Many rural water systems to not provide the quality of water necessary for efficient milk production from today’s dairy cows.  The same methods listed above, along with other technologies can be used to further treat your incoming water.

Click HERE for more info on ozone applications for well water treatment

Ozone Injection and filtration system

Example of a complete ozone system to oxidize and filter iron and/or manganese from well water, click on image for a larger view.

Benefit of Ozone

Ozone can improve water quality to your dairy.  Ozone can also save costs by using well water as opposed to rural water that mey be expensive to pump to your farm. Ozone water treatment systems will provide higher quality water, with less overall contamination in that water than rural water can provide.

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