AOS Ozone Water System

AOS Ozone Water Systems will dissolve ozone into water for point of use applications, or water treatment applications where dissolved ozone in water is required.

Produce between 4 to 6 g/hr of ozone from dry air with integrated air dryer and ozone generator.

Ozone Information

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The AOS Ozone Water Systems produces 4 to 6 g/hr of ozone and introduces this ozone into water at up to 30 GPM.  The AOS systems are designed for point of use (POU) applications where high levels of ozone in the water are required.  This system can also be used for water treatment applications where lower dissolved ozone levels are required with higher water flow rates.  For help with application information call our ozone experts, we would be glad to help.


System Features:

     -One-touch ON/OFF switch

     -Ambient ozone safety sensor integrated into central controller

     -CPVC piping is used for maximum ozone resistance

     -Stainless steel ozone compatible pump

     -Vacuum driven air dryer and ozone generator, no moving parts

     -Ozone produced under vacuum, no ozone leaks

     -Compact design

AOS ozone system components diagram

System includes all equipment necessary to produce ozone and mix ozone with water.  Only water connections and electrical power are required.  Ozone is produced from dry air under vacuum, therefore no other moving parts besides a water pump are required for operation.


Common Applications:

     -Food processing

     -Bottled water

     -Surface sanitation


     -Well water treatment

     -Dairy applications


Specification Table:

Model Number O3 Output Air Flow % O3 Max Water Flow Ozone Dosage
AOS-4 4 g/hr 20 SCFH 0.5% 30 GPM

1.76 ppm @ 10 GPM

AOS-6 6 g/hr 20 SCFH 1.0% 30 GPM

1.32 ppm @ 20 GPM


How it Works:

Ozone is produced via corona discharge with the VMUS-4 Ozone Generator.  Ozone is produced from dry air that is provided with the VMD-8 heat regenerative Air Dryer.  Ozone and air are pulled through the ozone generator, and air dryer, and into the water with a Mazzei venturi.  The Mazzei venturi pulls ozone into water via vacuum and mixes this ozone efficiently with water.  Water pressure differential across the venturi is produced with a stainless teel Grundfos water pump.  The only moving part on this ozone system is the water pump. 

Ozone is mixed with the water in the ozone contact tank.  After the ozone gas is pulled into the venturi the water is further mixed in a mixing pipe prior to entering the contact tank via a mixing diffuser.  This tank will efficiently mix ozone gas with the water and provide excellent mass transfer of ozone gas with the water.  All excess ozone will be off-gassed through the air vent on the top of the contact tank.  Water will flow through the contact tank in a counter current flow of the ozone gas escaping from the tank.  All process water must flow through this tank offering contact time with ozone and water and efficient mixing of ozone and water.


Ozone Water System

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Optional Accessories:

The AOS Ozone Systems can be configured with a wide variety of optional accessories to custom tailor them to your specific application.  For information about ozone systems for your application call our application engineers today for free consulting advice.

     -Dissolved Ozone Monitor - will measure actual dissolved ozone levels in the water real time.  The ozone system can be controlled to maintain a desired ozone level in the water, or alarms can be used to alert personnel when ozone levels are low.  

     -ORP Monitor - measures ORP (oxidation reduction potential) levels in the water real time.  The ORP monitor can be used to ensure water treatment is effective and that the ozone system is functioning.  While ORP is not a direct measurement of ozone in water it is a great tool to ensure the ozone system is providing the necessary water treatment.

     -Ozone Catalyst Unit - catalyzes ozone safely back to oxygen to ensure any off-gassed ozone is not introduced into the air.  Ozone Destruct unit is provided with an air trap and heater to ensure water does not damage the catalytic material used.

     -Remote Ambient Ozone Sensor - will measure ozone in a remote location (point of use of ozone water) to ensure a safe environment where the water is actually being used.

     -Water Pressure Switch - can be used to turn ozone system ON and OFF based on water usage as measured by the water pressure switch.  User settable

     -220 VAC option - Ozone system can be configured for 220 VAC 1-phase power at 60 or 50 Hz.


Downloadable Content:

AOS-Series Brochure

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Feed Gas Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 5.0 LPM
Operating Pressure 20 - 30 PSI
Max Pressure 50 PSI standard, up to 100 PSI optional
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Operational RH Range 0-85% humidity
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-phase, 20-amp (220 VAC optional)
Lead Time 2-4 weeks depending upon options
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions (LxWxH) 24" wide x 22" deep x 55" tall
Country of Origin USA
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