Specialized Ozone Applications, Oxidation Technologies, and The Tip of the Iceberg

Oxidation Technologies will custom build a wide variety of specialized ozone applications. In the 9 months I have been working here, few projects have been the same. We have designed and built specialized pilot systems for customers exploring the new applications for ozone in their industry. We’ve produced a variety of systems for sanitation in the food industry and organic food storage. Our systems are solving tough problems in the pet products industry, and pharmaceutical research. We design systems for applications from bottled water treatment & dairy operations to municipal water, groundwater remediation, and sewage treatment. Our systems are helping customers in the ocean well drilling as well as the airline industry. We have designed custom treatment chambers for laboratories, allergy treatment, and product treatment. We’ve done in-house materials testing on a variety of dry and liquid materials. We continue to develop precise and safe control systems. Oxidation Technologies support the whole spectrum of ozone as well as other gas use with analyzers, sensors, parts and supplies. We have worked with customers all around the world. Everyone here works hard to understand needs and develop systems that will meet those needs. The leadership here have a tenacious spirit for overcoming obstacles and refuse to give up. The phones here are always in use providing excellent customer service. We are willing to travel and visit sites when needed or on a routine maintenance basis. From design to build, every project is steeped in cost consciousness, quality, the best materials and equipment for the job. Systems are built to work well, and last for a long time. After nine months working here, I continue to grow in my appreciation for the amazing potential of ozone, the depth of expertise laying the foundation of Oxidation Technologies, and the integrity and enthusiasm for applying the power of ozone to meet customers’ needs. At the same time, I have come to realize that what I have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg. I am confident that the culture of growth and learning here will nourish my growth in understanding ozone and our ability to harness the power of ozone for your needs.

Ozone keeps municipal water safe

Considering Flint water crisis, Tampa Bay Water ensures residents that local water exceeds safety standards.  Using high tech treatment systems, including ozone, provides high quality, safe drinking water.

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TAMPA – In a Friday release, Tampa Bay Water ensured residents and businesses that local water supplies exceed all levels of drinking water safety standards. The company supplies water to nearly 2.4 million people in the area.

“If it doesn’t meet our high water quality standards, it doesn’t leave the plant,” said Christine Owen, Tampa Bay Water’s regulatory compliance senior manager.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is due in part to unbalanced pH and alkalinity corroding the area’s pipes and fixtures. Tampa Bay Water has been controlling and treating water for appropriate and safe pH levels since 2002.

Here’s how your water becomes safe to drink: 

  • Color and contaminants are removed through a process called coagulation. Ferric sulfate, the coagulant, makes color and contaminants stick to it and settle out of the water.
  • Water is disinfected with ozone, the most powerful disinfectant in water treatment. It kills harmful micro-organisms.
  • Water is filtered to remove particles, disinfected again with chlorine, and pH and alkalinity are adjusted to make sure the water is stable and not corrosive.
  • Water samples are tested and monitored against more than 100 safety standards.

– per a Tampa Bay Water release

If you have other questions or concerns about water safety in light of the Flint crisis, feel free to contact Tampa Bay Water here , or call 866-INFO-H2O.