Aeroqual S-200 Ozone Monitor

Video unboxing and showing the accessories that are shipped with the Aeroqual S-200 Ozone Monitor.

The Series 200 is a user-friendly gas detector base that pairs with multiple ozone range sensors and is small enough to be easily transported in a carrying case.

Included in the box is the Series 200 gas detector base, which receives sensor heads with several different ranges of ozone. These are the ozone ranges that the sensor heads will detect: 0-.05 ppm, 0-.15 ppm, 0-0.5 ppm, and 0-10.0 ppm. The sensor head is shipped in a separate box. Also included in the S-200 monitor base box is the power cord and a sheet of information on where to find the user guide online.

The S200 monitor base is shipped with the battery inside it, but the battery cord is not actually plugged in to the base. Remove the back of the monitor, pull out the battery, and plug the cord tip into the port inside the back of the monitor base. Replace the battery as well as the S-200 backing. The base is now ready to be plugged into a wall outlet for charging the battery.

The Series 200 detector’s small size and 24-hour battery life make it an ideal device to take along on job sites. When paired with this specially designed carrying case, the Series 200 monitor offers a convenient and transportable ozone detection solution.

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Aeroqual Series-200