Updated 5000BF Ozone Generator

We are excited to announce recent updates to the 5000BF Ozone Generator.  This is one of the best values in ozone generators today!

Updated 5000BF Ozone Generator
5000BF Ozone Generator

The recently updated 5000BF Ozone Generator produces 7 g/hr ozone from oxygen, or 1.8 g/hr ozone from dry air.  The ozone output available from the compact 5000BF Ozone Generator given the relatively low price point of $850 creates one of the best values in ozone generators for laboratory or small ozone applications today!  For more info, or to purchase this ozone generator follow this link

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updated 5000BF Ozone Generator
7 g/hr Ozone Generator


  • Great value in ozone generators
  • Air cooled ozone generator – no cooling water required
  • Adjustable ozone output 0-100%
  • Integrated oxygen/ozone flow meter
  • Integrated amp meter to show electrical discharge to cell
  • Benchmount with durable rubber isolation feet
  • High quality aluminum enclosoure
  • Compact size and easy to use
  • Corona discharge ozone generator cell
Updated 5000BF Ozone Generator
Oxygen/Air switch and adjustable ozone output dial


  • 7 g/hr ozone output from 3 LPM oxygen
  • 1.8 g/hr ozone output from 5 LPM dry air
  • 5 PSI pressure rating (can operate under light vacuum also)
  • Dimensions: 6-inch high x 12-inch wide x 17-inch depth
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Feed-gas: Dry air, or Oxygen

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

ozone output performance chart
5000BF Ozone Generator Performance Chart


Ozone Production from Dry Air:

dry air ozone generator output chart
5000BF Ozone Generator performance when operated on Dry Air

Ozone Generation:

Ozone generator uses a corona discharge ozone generating cell.  Cell is constructed of glass dielectric and stainless steel shell.  Voltage and frequency are elevated for efficient ozone production.  Operating frequency of ~2,000 hz from the power inverter and transformer.

Ozone generator cell will produce ozone from oxygen most efficiently, however it can also produce ozone from clean, dry air.  Cell can operate under vacuum or pressure.  Extremely versatile ozone generator cell.