Low Cost high concentration UV Ozone Analyzer

Oxidation Technologies is proud to present the UV-HCR ozone analyzer.  This ozone analyzer offers high concentration ozone measurement (% by weight or g/m3) in a low cost package.

UV-HCR High Concentration Ozone Analyzer
UV-HCR = $2,100

Traditionally measuring the output of an ozone generator was prohibitively expensive due to the cost of the ozone analyzer used for the job.  Oxidation Tech has found a way to reduce the cost to the consumer by greater than 50% while still offering a high quality, accurate, and reliable device.

The UV-HCR is a new poly enclosure NEMA rated for harsh environments.  A large datalogging display with external output is provided to measure ozone levels.  The heart of this device is a refurbished Teledyne M452 Ozone Analyzer.  The M452 is an OEM produce commonly used in the semiconductor industry to measure the output of an ozone generator.  They offer no display and no easy to use function for zero or other function.  We have added those functions, along with the required power supply and scaling to make this a user friendly device.  There is a steady supply of high quality, barely used M452 Ozone Analyzers available to us.  We can obtain these, refurbish and calibrate as needed, install in our enclosure and supply to the customer for less than 50% of a comparable device like the M454 Ozone Analzyer.

Teledyne M-452 is shown inside the UV-HCR
Inside view of UV-HCR

Optional flowmeter, ozone destruct unit, and data-logger allow the UV-HCR to compare with much higher end products, and allow the use of an ozone analyzer where it was previosly cost prohbitive.

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