Specialized Ozone Applications, Oxidation Technologies, and The Tip of the Iceberg

Oxidation Technologies will custom build a wide variety of specialized ozone applications. In the 9 months I have been working here, few projects have been the same. We have designed and built specialized pilot systems for customers exploring the new applications for ozone in their industry. We’ve produced a variety of systems for sanitation in the food industry and organic food storage. Our systems are solving tough problems in the pet products industry, and pharmaceutical research. We design systems for applications from bottled water treatment & dairy operations to municipal water, groundwater remediation, and sewage treatment. Our systems are helping customers in the ocean well drilling as well as the airline industry. We have designed custom treatment chambers for laboratories, allergy treatment, and product treatment. We’ve done in-house materials testing on a variety of dry and liquid materials. We continue to develop precise and safe control systems. Oxidation Technologies support the whole spectrum of ozone as well as other gas use with analyzers, sensors, parts and supplies. We have worked with customers all around the world. Everyone here works hard to understand needs and develop systems that will meet those needs. The leadership here have a tenacious spirit for overcoming obstacles and refuse to give up. The phones here are always in use providing excellent customer service. We are willing to travel and visit sites when needed or on a routine maintenance basis. From design to build, every project is steeped in cost consciousness, quality, the best materials and equipment for the job. Systems are built to work well, and last for a long time. After nine months working here, I continue to grow in my appreciation for the amazing potential of ozone, the depth of expertise laying the foundation of Oxidation Technologies, and the integrity and enthusiasm for applying the power of ozone to meet customers’ needs. At the same time, I have come to realize that what I have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg. I am confident that the culture of growth and learning here will nourish my growth in understanding ozone and our ability to harness the power of ozone for your needs.

Used Ozone Equipment for Sale

Looking for a ozone generation system but not wanting to spend the dollars it costs for new equipment? We recently obtained some used ozone equipment that is great bang for your buck.  Worried about buying used equipment because of age, or potential break down? We test all of our equipment before it’s sent out and replace and repair parts to ensure like new operation.  The recent additions to our used equipment is:


Ozone Generators:

Ozonia CFV-04



Oxygen Generators/Concentrators:

OG-500 OGSI Oxygen Generator
OG-175 OGSI Oxygen Generator

Ozone Analyzers:

BMT 963 Ozone Analyzer

Check out all of the used ozone equipment that we currently have for sale.  Don’t see what you are looking for? We are getting used equipment frequently and would be happy to check and see what we have to fit your needs. Give us a call 515-635-5854 or send us an e-mail.

Low Cost high concentration UV Ozone Analyzer

Oxidation Technologies is proud to present the UV-HCR ozone analyzer.  This ozone analyzer offers high concentration ozone measurement (% by weight or g/m3) in a low cost package.

UV-HCR High Concentration Ozone Analyzer
UV-HCR = $2,100

Traditionally measuring the output of an ozone generator was prohibitively expensive due to the cost of the ozone analyzer used for the job.  Oxidation Tech has found a way to reduce the cost to the consumer by greater than 50% while still offering a high quality, accurate, and reliable device.

The UV-HCR is a new poly enclosure NEMA rated for harsh environments.  A large datalogging display with external output is provided to measure ozone levels.  The heart of this device is a refurbished Teledyne M452 Ozone Analyzer.  The M452 is an OEM produce commonly used in the semiconductor industry to measure the output of an ozone generator.  They offer no display and no easy to use function for zero or other function.  We have added those functions, along with the required power supply and scaling to make this a user friendly device.  There is a steady supply of high quality, barely used M452 Ozone Analyzers available to us.  We can obtain these, refurbish and calibrate as needed, install in our enclosure and supply to the customer for less than 50% of a comparable device like the M454 Ozone Analzyer.

Teledyne M-452 is shown inside the UV-HCR
Inside view of UV-HCR

Optional flowmeter, ozone destruct unit, and data-logger allow the UV-HCR to compare with much higher end products, and allow the use of an ozone analyzer where it was previosly cost prohbitive.

For more information on measuring output from an ozone generator click HERE



ozone output calculator
To calculate ozone output with out new Online Ozone Output Calcuator, Click HERE
Rental API-460H Ozone Analyzer
We also offer Ozone Analyzers for Rent!

UV Ozone Analyzers for Ozone Detection

Oxidation Technologies is now your one stop shop for all your UV ozone analyzer needs.  We now carry the following brands:

  • Eco-Sensors
  • Aeroqual
  • 2b Technologies
  • API-Teledyne

We do service, sell, and calibrate all brands of ozone analyzers, but sell these primary brands.  We can meet all needs from 1 ppb detection, to high range 20% by weight and greater measurements.  Call us for details for your accurate UV ozone measurement needs.

New UV Ozone Analyzers

We also rent ozone analyzers and sell used and refurbished ozone analyzers

UV-100 Ozone Analyzer for rent
UV-100 Ozone Analyzer for rent

The UV-100 will measure ozone from 0-1,000 ppm.  Internal sample pump will allow the user to pull ozone from one location, into and through the ozone analyzer to measure ozone levels in a process.  UV-100 ships with a carry case and all accessories needed for operation.

API 454 O3 analyzer for rent
API-454 High Range ozone analyzer for rent

View our complete line of rental products here

Our list of used products changes frequently, click here for updated list, and continue to check back frequently.

UV-1 OEM Ozone Analyzer

UV Ozone Photometer OEM Module

The Aeroqual UV-1 Ozone Photometer Module is designed for measurement and control of ozone in the range 0-200 ppm using a single beam UV photometer. It has a folded metal enclosure designed to be built into an ozone treatment system. The UV- 1 offers advanced monitoring and control.

Most ozone measuring devices used industrially today are based on electrochemical, or Heated Metal Oxide (HMOS) sensor technologies.  While these are reliable, and easy to use, they are also cross-sensitive to many other gasses in the atmosphere or industrial settings.  Due to the UV light used in a UV Analyzer there is no cross sensitivity to these gasses.

UV-1 Ozone Analyzer
UV-1 Ozone Photometer – $2,890


  • Wide ozone measurement range 0-200 ppm ozone measurement range
  • Minimal sensitivities to other gasses.
  • Capable of remote sampling due to integrated pump
  • UV technology for improve measurement accuracy and stability
  • Designed for integration into existing ozone treatment system

UV-1 Ozone Photometer Aeroqual


  • Ozone generator control in:
    • Cold storage applications where ethylene gas is present
    • Odor control applications where gasses are oxidized by ozone
    • Air treatment applications where ozone control is critical
  • Air purification systems
  • Integration Module
  • Ozone leak detection


  • Wide measurement range of ozone (0-200 ppm)
  • Single-beam UV photometer
  • Pump sampling via PTFE tubing (e.g. monitoring outside of a room or duct)
  • Digital RS485 output (2 wire) or RS232
  • Custom configuration upon request

UV-1 OEM Ozone Analyzer



 UV based ozone analyzer

Click here to purchase or learn more about the UV-1 Ozone Photometer

New UV Photometers for ozone measurement

New Range of UV Photometers

Aeroqual has introduced a range of three UV single beam photometer products that are focused on specific market applications requiring high accuracy and the need to measure high concentrations of ozone gas. This range includes the new UV-1 module, the Series 960 module and the UV-H instrument as shown in the pictures below.

UV-1 Ozone Analyzer
UV-1 OEM Ozone Photometer

The UV-1 module is designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers wanting a robust metal enclosure. The unit is able to measure and control across the range of 0—200ppm, it runs on a 24VDC input and has a range of both digital and analogue outputs.

UV-H Ozone Photometer
UV-H Ozone Photometer for bench-top use

The Series 960 module on the other hand is an industrial module that is available in a wall mountable enclosure with an optional display. This product offers advanced measurement and control of ozone for singular or network solutions.

Series 960 Ozone Photometer
S-960 Ozone Photometer for industrial use

The UV-H instrument comes in a portable case and offers full data logging functionality on a removable SD card. Data can also be logged directly to a PC using the proprietary software provided. Optional analog and relay outputs are available for control applications.