Using ozone to boost shelf life

Ozone extends shelf life of many fruits and vegetables by inactivating bacteria, and mold that grow on this produce to create rot, or generally shorten the shelf-life.

Berry Gardens have teamed up with tech firm Anacail to use ozone in their packaging for a longer shelf life and waste reduction

Using ozone to boost shelf life

stone fruit and berry producers Berry Gardens will use new ozone technology to boost shelf life for their produce.

The growers have teamed up with technology firm Anacail Ltd to introduce ozone into their packaging for berries, cherries and plums.

The “game changing” technology reduces the presence of yeasts and moulds, meaning extended time on sale and reduced waste.

Berry Gardens CEO, Jacqui Green, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Anacail and our businesses are closely aligned in our ambition to ensure the best berries, cherries and plums are available to our consumers across the breadth of the retail sector.”

Anacail says it uses ozone in a revolutionary way by generating the gas inside the packaging without damaging it.

After a short time all the ozone decays back to oxygen, leaving no residual chemicals, and a decontaminated or sterilised package and contents.

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