Ozone equipment service and repair

Do you have ozone equipment in need of repair?  We can help, we want to help.  We service all types of ozone equipment, and not just the ozone generator, we also service the oxygen concentrator, compressor, and ozone monitors.  

Whatever your need we have the tools, experience, and ability to help you keep your current ozone system running at peak performance.  We have experience with most ozone generators manufactured and have the tools necessary to keep you running, or get you back up and running fast.


We Offer:

On-Site Service

Oxidation Tech provides on-site service, preventative maintenance, and repairs of Ozone Generators and equipment.  Oxidation Tech has the experience, tools, and parts to keep your Ozone Generator and associated equipment running and operational for the long term with minimal downtime.


Ozone System Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of any mechanical system.  Ozone systems are no different.  Oxidation Tech has the experience and manpower to assist you with your ozone system maintenance.  Whether you desire maintenance parts and advice, or a comprehensive maintenance contract we can satisfy your needs.

Click HERE to be directed to our ozone system maintenance web page.



In-House Repair– Industrial Ozone Generator

Oxidation Tech can repair nearly all Industrial Ozone Generators back to original specifications. Many Ozone Generators have been built/integrated by ozone companies that either no longer exist, or offer no repair services. In these cases, we are able to help. We will repair many obsolete Ozone Generators from manufacturers that do and do not exist today. Of course, we would also be glad to repair any current models of Ozone Generator. Our experience and knowledge allow us to repair your Ozone Generator in a timely manner at a very competitive cost.

Many Ozone Generators today use the same internal components provided by only a handful of manufacturers. There are relatively few Ozone Generators that are manufactured from completely exclusive components. Therefore, repairs of many brands of Ozone Generators use the same internal components. Also, there are now aftermarket parts available to replace the commonly used components in many Ozone Generators. So, before you give up on that older Ozone Generator, or are told your Ozone Generator is obsolete, give us a call!

Our on-site repair labor rates for Industrial Ozone Generators = $75/hour.

We do not charge a fee for diagnostics of your Ozone Generator. We will diagnose the repair and quote a repair price for your Ozone Generator at no cost. If you decide not to repair the Ozone Generator we will only charge for return shipping of your equipment.



In-House Repair– Commercial (air blower style) Ozone Generator

Ozone is very commonly used for air treatment in many applications. Many manufacturers, large and small, have produced Ozone Generators for air treatment that blow ambient air over a UV lamp, or corona discharge element to produce ozone from the ambient air in a room. We refer to these type of units as commercial, or air blower style Ozone Generators.

We stock many aftermarket and original OEM repair parts for these Commercial Ozone Generators. The components used are frequently interchangeable between units; therefore repair costs are frequently low.

If you have a Commercial Ozone Generator in need of repair, give us a call. We would be glad to diagnose and quote a repair cost of your Ozone Generator.

Our in-house repair labor rates for Commercial Ozone Generators = $65/hour.

We do not charge a fee for diagnostics of your Ozone Generator. We will diagnose the repair and quote a repair price of your Ozone Generator at no cost. If you decide not to repair the Ozone Generator we will only charge for return shipping.


Ozone Monitor calibration and repair

Ozone monitors is our specialty. We offer repair, calibration, and even rental of Ozone Monitors for most every application.

Many Ozone Monitors can be supplied with a replaceable pre-calibrated sensor chip. This means calibration is as simple as ordering a replacement sensor, and swapping it out on-site yourself. This can normally be done in less than 10 minutes.

Ozone Monitors that require calibration can be shipped to us for calibration. We offer calibration for most every Ozone Monitor and UV analyzer. Our rates are below:

  • Ozone Monitor calibration = $150
  • UV Analyzer calibration = $300


List of common industrial ozone generator brands we have repaired:

  • Ozonia
  • Wedeco
  • Plasma Technics (PTI)
  • Azcozon
  • Absolute Ozone
  • Hess Machine
  • Pacific Ozone
  • Clearwater Tech
  • Del Ozone
  • Welsbach
  • Polymetric
  • Ozotech
  • Enaly

Your ozone generator not on the list? Give us a call, it likely uses parts manufactured by one of the companies on the list above.

Ozone equipment service and repair



On Site Ozone System Service

For all your ozone equipment servicing needs, check out – On Site Ozone System Service.

ozone system service

Ozone Services can provide on-site service of your ozone system.  We have the technicians and experience required to get your ozone system up and running quickly.

We also have a network of ozone professionals that are placed strategically throughout the United States to provide you with quick service.
We can offer maintenance plans, and routine service to ensure your ozone system continues operating at peak performance