Ozone technology used to sanitize commercial ice machines

Eco3Ice technology is revolutionizing the ice machine industry.  By adding ozone into water used for ice production cleaner, safe ice is produced, while lowering overall maintenance on the ice machine.


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It is a little known fact that ice machines are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and pathogens.  Ice machines should be cleaned frequently, but this takes time.  Also, what happens when the ice machine is not cleaned?

Ozone is a great solution.  The Eco3Ice machine will generate ozone using electrolytic technology to introduce ozone directly into water.  This water containing ozone will be used to produce ice.  During this process ozone will escape the water and enter the air to kill mold spores and bacteria in the air.  Therefore, the Eco3Ice technology is the perfect solution to eliminate all pathogens from water and air.