Updated VMUS-4 Ozone Generator

The VMUS-4 Ozone Generator has been in production for well over 15 years now.  There have been updates to the VMUS-4 during that time, however, the updates that occurred in 2017 have been the most drastic and best improvements yet. 

As a recap, the VMUS-4 is a versatile ozone generator that can produce ozone efficiently from either oxygen or dry air while operating under a pressure or vacuum.  The VMUS-4 produces 10 g/hr ozone from oxygen or 4 g/hr ozone from dry air.  This is an ozone generator that can be implemented in a wide variety of ozone applications.

VMUS-4 OZone Generator
VMUS-4 Ozone Generator

The enclosure and basic function of the VMUS-4 has remained mostly unchanged since it’s inception.  However, in 2014 a revised transformer and inverter board were implemented, along with an improved 10-position switch and integrated flow-switch.  In 2017 even more, changes have taken place, below is a summary of updates and changes.

2014 updates:

  • Original oil-filled transformer replaced with open-coil style transformer for greater reliability
  • Driver board was replaced, new board has the transformer and flow-switch integrated on the board for a smaller design.  Greater number of transistors are used for greater reliability
  • 10-position switch become rocker switch style and was standard on all units, prior to this it was a knob and was an option
  • Flow-switch is not standard, and much more sensitive and reliable.

2017 updates:

  • Same transformer, and flow wich used on the driver board, however, updates to the driver board have been made to allow the unit to operate on 120 or 220 VAC power without making any changes to the unit.  There is now no cost to a 220 VAC unit.
  • The enclosure has changed for the first time, the enclosure is now slimmer than before.  While height and width have stayed the same, the enclosure is not as deep.
  • 10-position switch has again changed to a button style that is easy to change
  • ON/OFF switch is now a simple one-touch button
  • Lights on user interface are now LED
  • Cooling fans have changed from AC fans to DC operated fans, they are smaller and offer more airflow and more coverage of the corona cell for improved cooling

In summary, the VMUS-4 ozone generator is better than ever with the same great reliability (even better) and versatility our customers demand.

We have recently tested the updated VMUS-4 ozone generator performance on oxygen across a wide variety of flow rates, and each potential output setting.  This chart is shown below for your review.

Click on image for larger view

VMUS-4 ozone generator
VMUS-4 Ozone Generator Performance chart on oxygen feed-gas

We provide an ozone generator performance chart with every ozone generator we sell.  It is imperative you know exactly what the performance of your ozone generator should be prior to implementing it into your application.

If you have any questions on what ozone generator may be right for your application, please do not hesitate to call us.  We are more than willing to discuss your specific ozone application and help you find suitable ozone equipment for your needs.


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