Product Spotlight: 5000BF Ozone Generator

5000BF Ozone Generator

The 5000BF Ozone Generator is capable of producing 7 g/hr of ozone from oxygen, or 1.8 g/hr of ozone from dry air. This generator is perfect for all kinds of applications, from personal use to industrial settings, as well as experimental testing. The compact design (6x12x17) and affordable pricing make it a great option for many different uses.

Key Features:

  • Great value in ozone generators
  • Air cooled ozone generator – no cooling water required
  • Adjustable ozone output 0-100%
  • Integrated oxygen/ozone flow meter
  • Integrated amp meter to show electrical discharge to cell
  • Benchmount with durable rubber isolation feet
  • High quality aluminum enclosoure
  • Compact size and easy to use
  • Corona discharge ozone generator cell


  • 7 g/hr ozone output from 3 LPM oxygen
  • 1.8 g/hr ozone output from 5 LPM dry air
  • 5 PSI pressure rating (can operate under light vacuum also)
  • Dimensions: 6-inch high x 12-inch wide x 17-inch depth
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Feed-gas: Dry air, or Oxygen

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In this video, we used the MAX-5 Oxygen Concentrator to supply our feed gas, Please Click Here to view all of our Oxygen Generators.

Product Spotlight: VMUS-4

VMUS-4 Ozone Generator

With the VMUS-4 Corona Cell recently being added to our website, it is a great time to take a look at the specs and features of the VMUS-4 Ozone Generator.

The VMUS-4 is an ozone generator can produce ozone from dry air, or oxygen feed gas.  Either vacuum operation or pressure works fine for the ozone generator cell.  Air cooled operation allows for use in a multitude of applications without the dilemma of cooling water.  With the smaller size and secure ozone production, the VMUS-4 is a great value in ozone generators! The VMUS-4 is a wall mountable Ozone generator which produces up to 10 g/hr of ozone @ 4 l/min of oxygen at over 3% by weight. Higher ozone concentrations are possible at lower oxygen flow rates. At 1 LPM the VMUS-4 produces ozone at 5.3% by weight. For full details on ozone generator performance view our performance chart. This generator uses corona discharge technology. The corona cell in the VMUS-4 uses a true quartz dielectric in a stainless-steel shell. This technology offers maximum reliability and ability for future repairs if ever necessary. Every component on the VMUS-4 is replaceable or repairable for long-term operation in your facility. 

Key Features:

  • Produces Up to 10 g/hr ozone efficiently
  • Capable of also producing 4 g/hr ozone from dry air
  • Wall mountable
  • Flow meter is standard
  • Adjustable output Standard
  • Flow Switch Standard
  • Detachable power cord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Al. cabinet
  • Can operate under pressure or vacuum
  • Circuit protection equipped
  • Rebuildable ozone generator corona cell
  • 120 or 220 VAC power, 50/60 Hz capability standard

Different Options

4-20 mA input control – control output of ozone generator from 0-100% via a 4-20 mA input.  Additional information on this in the adjustable ozone output section below.

External ON/OFF control – turn ozone generator ON/OFF via dry contacts from remote location.  Useful for system integration where some automation is required.

Internal air pump – small air-pump can be built into the VMUS-4 to push air through the ozone generator.  This is useful when the VMUS-4 is used with an air dryer to produce ozone and a motive flow source is required.  Such as, a bubble diffuser at the bottom of a water tank.

Disable Flow Switch – option to disable the integrated flow switch.  Useful for low-flow applications, where ozone production at flows below 1 LPM are required.

Integrated Flow switch

The VMUS-4 uses an integrated flow switch for simple and reliable automation. This switch will turn the ozone generator ON when feed-gas flow rises above about 1.5 LPM, and turn the ozone generator OFF when feed-gas flow drops below about 1 LPM. This provides some simple automation for your ozone system. When used with a simple venturi injector the VMUS-4 will turn ON and OFF automatically based on suction from the venturi. When used with an oxygen generator the VMUS-4 will turn ON and OFF automatically when flow starts or stops from the oxygen generator. This feature eliminates the need for external wiring or flow/pressure switches.

When the ozone generator is turned OFF due to no flow, the No Flow light illuminates indicating this. When the flow is present this No Flow light will go out, and the blue Ozone light will illuminate, indicating ozone is now produced. This flow switch can be disabled by choosing the “Disable flow-switch” option when purchasing.  There is no cost difference on this option.

Adjustable Ozone Output

The VMUS-4 uses a digital adjustable ozone output shown in the image above. This will allow setting the ozone output from 0-100% using the rocker switch. Green status lights will show the current power setting of the ozone generator clearly and easily. The ozone output can also be adjusted while the ozone generator is in a No Flow status and not producing ozone.

Ozone output can also be adjusted via 4-20 mA input.  This allows adjustment of ozone output via a PLC or another device for automated operation.  When this option is chosen the keypad is overridden as long as the 4-20 mA is connected, if the connection is terminated the keypad is functional again.  Ozone output is displayed via the green LED indicators on the touchpad with the 4-20 mA input or the pushbuttons.

Circuit Protection

The VMUS-4 uses a sophisticated power inverter board that will protect the corona cell and/or transformer against failure. In the event, the corona cell does become contaminated with moisture, or dust the inverter will turn OFF ozone production immediately to protect against damage. Every 6 seconds this inverter will attempt to produce ozone and will restart automatically when conditions improve. While we hope our customers never flood, or contaminated the ozone generator corona cell, we know this is a possibility, this circuit protection will prevent potentially costly repairs.

Rebuild-able Corona Cell

The VMUS-4 corona cell is completely rebuildable. The Quarts dielectric can be removed from the stainless-steel shell and be cleaned, or replaced if necessary. We know that air dryers, oxygen concentrators, and check valves can fail. Therefore, we provide an easily rebuild-able corona cell so that these external failures do not have to be fatal to your ozone generator. The VMUS-4 Corona cell consists of very few components. The Stainless shell and quartz dielectric are the main components.  Each end is sealed with a Kynar end cap that has the fitting molded in (fewer leak points) with a Viton O-ring and Kynar sealing ring.  We stock and sell all replacement and repair parts for the VMUS-4 ozone generator.  Therefore, you can be confident that no matter what happens your ozone generator will be repairable.

1KNT Ozone Generator Overview

Great video providing an overview of the 1KNT ozone generator. The 1KNT ozone generator is a China-built ozone generator that is very low cost with excellent features for the price.

We provide these low-cost Enaly series ozone generators to offer our customers a low-cost option for ozone production. we have found the Enaly ozone generators to be very reliable and consistent in quality and therefore we stand behind each unit with a 1-year warranty.

Ozone Generator Corona Discharge video

A great visual example of corona discharge from an ozone generator is available at the video below:

Corona discharge occurs when we place electrical current through a dielectric to diffuse that spark accross a greater area.  This antique ozone generator shows the corona discharge between each of these quartz tubes that are energized.

This antique Vitozone ozone generator operates very differently than today’s ozone generators.  However, this is an interesting example of what an ozone generator looks like and works like.

New TGOGS series of ozone generators

Toshiba generating ozone for a cleaner future

by ClickGreen staff.

Toshiba is leading the way in harnessing the power of ozone to deliver large-scale water treatment that also benefits the environment.

Ozone is one of nature’s strongest and most effective oxidisers, second only to fluorine. It is used to vital effect on water supplies, bleaching, deodorising, sterilising, and oxidising organic and inorganic matter – without any detrimental effect on the planet.

As such, it is the perfect fit for Toshiba’s corporate philosophy of ‘Smart Community’, as part of which the Japanese multinational aims to create and provide integrated solutions that combine achieving a safe and comfortable society with sound environmental credentials.

Toshiba launched its first ozone generator in 1976 and has remained at the forefront of water treatment technology, developing and operating state-of-the-art equipment on a major scale, and contributing to improving drinking water quality in metropolitan areas including Tokyo and Osaka. The company now boasts the largest market share in the drinking water treatment sector in Japan.

Its latest innovation within this field, the TGOGS series of ozone generators, has been designed for optimum efficiency in a less bulky package. These more compact machines can be customised to the specific needs of customers and are available for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment or industrial plant treatment.

Ozone generators contain a large number of electric discharge tubes. When oxygen gas or dry air are fed into the machine and a high voltage is applied to the discharge tubes, ozone is created.
Ozone water treatment is a method that is growing in popularity, and Toshiba is at the vanguard in making maximum use of its inherent benefits.

A very reactive gas, ozone is naturally high-performing when it comes to breaking down pollutants, deactivating viruses and microorganisms, to ensure water is safe. Further, it oxidises substances such as sulphur and iron where they occur in water so that they can be easily and effectively filtered out.

And, unlike alternative water disinfectants such as chlorine, using an ozone generator does not produce any odour or residues. As well as removing any potentially harmful bacteria or organic material, the oxidising process using ozone improves the smell, colour and taste of drinking water – meaning that in addition to treating dirty water with dramatic consequences for health, it can offer a significant jump in quality in areas where water is already perfectly safe to drink but not necessarily palatable.

Crucially, ozone’s extremely powerful pollutant-destroying properties have no negative impact on the environment. The gas is quickly converted back into oxygen, leaving no trace after use. It is this unique combination of efficacy and environmental safety that has made ozone generation an integral part of Toshiba’s vision for the future – a vision that is increasingly shared on a global scale.