Ozone system service – water filtration system with ozone

Recently Oxid tech service techs spent some time servicing a few older ozone systems used for livestock drinking water.  Both of these systems are used specifically for iron removal from well water on dairy farms.

ozone filtration system
Ozone filtration system for livestock – 200 GPM ozone and filtration system
ozone removes iron from livestock water
Ozone filtration system for 6,000 head dairy farm – 600 GPM ozone and filtration system

While these systems are older, only basic maintenance is required.  We visit these sites quarterly to change filters, calibrate sensors, and perform basic maintenance.  If you are looking for service on your ozone system, call our office, we may be coming to your area soon!

Ozone is an effective and chemical-free solution to iron removal from water.  Ozone will efficiently oxidize iron from water to a filterable state.  Backwasheable sand filters can be used to efficiently capture iron and discharge to drain safely.  A proper ozone system will effectively remove iron, manganese and many other minerals from water reliably with no use of chemicals.

Ozone Injection and filtration system
Ozone filtration system diagram

Click here to learn more about ozone use for well water treatment

Ozone can be used to efficiently remove many undesirable contaminants from water.  If your well water is less than ideal for your livestock, or even for your household, we may be able to help.  Ozone is commonly used to remove the following:

Ozone systems require no additional chemicals.  Ozone is produced from ambient air and introduced into the water.  Bachwashable filters (if necessary for your water) remove the undesirable contaminates from your water with no consumables.

ozone filtration system
Ozone system with filtration

Ozone filtration systems can be compact and simple.  Image above shows a basic ozone system with filtration.  Systems can also be built for large water flows as shown above.  Whatever your need, if your unhappy with your water quality, give us a call today.  We can help.


In praise of maintenance

I recently listened to a great podcast on the benefits and necessity of maintenance.  This was done by the authors of the book Freakonomics, I enjoy their work.

maintenance is okay
In Praise of Maintenance

We often forgo maintenance of older equipment in lieu of new equipment.  I am a believer in maintenance and repairs of equipment and infrastructure rather than always replacing.  However, I am not excellent at articulating the why.  This quick podcast, or you can read the text version, gives great explanations, good for a quick read.

Ozone system preventative maintenance

Ozone equipment service and repair


Top 10 reasons ozone systems are not maintained

  1. We can’t find/lost the manual
  2. The manufacturer didn’t send the manual
  3. Ozone? I heard that stuff was dangerous!
  4. I don’t go near anything more than 500 volts
  5. I don’t think ozone really does anything anyway, after all our water is fine isn’t it?
  6. It started leaking a few months ago, we couldn’t find the leak, so we just shut it off
  7. The manual didn’t say anything about maintenance, did it?
  8. I don’t even know why we have that thing, no one asked me if it was a good idea!
  9. What does ozone do anyway?
  10. The last time I worked on it I inhaled way too much ozone, I’m not doing that again!

Summary: don’t let this be you!

Contact our ozone service and repair specialists for help.