Top 10 reasons ozone systems are not maintained

  1. We can’t find/lost the manual
  2. The manufacturer didn’t send the manual
  3. Ozone? I heard that stuff was dangerous!
  4. I don’t go near anything more than 500 volts
  5. I don’t think ozone really does anything anyway, after all our water is fine isn’t it?
  6. It started leaking a few months ago, we couldn’t find the leak, so we just shut it off
  7. The manual didn’t say anything about maintenance, did it?
  8. I don’t even know why we have that thing, no one asked me if it was a good idea!
  9. What does ozone do anyway?
  10. The last time I worked on it I inhaled way too much ozone, I’m not doing that again!

Summary: don’t let this be you!

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