Ozone used to treat hotel pillows to reduce allergens

A high end hotel in India is implementing the use of ozone to treat not only linens and hotel rooms, but also the pillows used in guest rooms.  As pillows are re-used and can absorb allergens that may bother the next person to lay their had on that pillow, the hotel desired a method to remove any potential allergens from the pillow.  They chose ozone as this technology.

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The Imperial introduces allergy-free ozone treated pillows in guest rooms

he Imperial, New Delhi recently added yet another feather in its cap by disinfecting and deodorising guest room pillows and linen with Ozone Treatment, a cutting edge technology towards providing microbe free linen to their guests while they soak in its historic and iconic luxury. 

In order to achieve high standards of hygiene and safety of linen in the guest rooms, specially designed, equipment based on ozonation technology for disinfection has been brought in from Europe which disinfects with forced ventilation in an environment saturated with the oxidizing gas ozone. O3 (ozone) which is a natural gas with a great disinfecting power that has a strong action on bacteria, virus, moulds, fungus and mites and a deodorant action. This not only eliminates these microorganisms and deodorizes but also makes pillows/duvets an extremely hostile environment for dust, mites and parasites. It leaves on linen at an immediate sensation of freshness and cleanliness. 

Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. Executive VP and GM, The Imperial New Delhi expressed his views on the launch of this proud initiative saying, “Moving towards providing a completely safe environment, an enjoyable stay, a sybaritic rest of the senses and an enhanced experience, The Imperial has launched the Sanipill Ozone Treatment program. This is to significantly reduce the impact of potential irritants allowing guests to rest comfortably, sleep better and awake refreshed. Our hotel is treating the pillows, duvets and all linen articles by ozonation process, which is an effective way of disinfecting and deodorising them as they are generally loaded with various micro-organisms because of prolonged usage by guests.” 

The effectiveness of the Sanipill ozoniser as per the claims by the manufacturer of the equipment in bringing significant reduction in the total microbial load has been verified by the in-house Microbiology Lab of The Imperial. Detailed microbiological studies were conducted for the untreated and treated pillows and linen. The results of subsequent experiments showed significant reduction of microorganisms post treatment of the pillows and linen with the Sanipill Ozoniser, supporting the ‘strong disinfecting effect of ozone treatment’.

In most of the luxurious hotels, only changing of pillowcases is done on a regular basis. The pillow with freshly laundered cover is used by subsequent guests using the same room, leading to risk of infection and transmission of various kinds of virus, bacteria, mould and fungi. In such a situation, washing and chemical-sanification of ‘pillows’ is done very seldom. The Imperial has therefore initiated a revolutionary technology to provide its guests absolute safety from cross contamination and infection. n and infection. 

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