Produce Pure ozone with double quartz technology

The HTU-500 Ozone Generator is an ozone generator that offers the ability to produce pure ozone.  Using a double quartz corona cell the HTU-500 can produce ozone from oxygen without ever allowing the oxygen feed-gas and produced ozone to touch any stainless steel or other metal surfaces.  Only Pure Teflon, PVDF (Kynar), and Quartz materials are used in the plumbing and production of ozone in the HTU-500 Ozone Generator.

lab ozone generator
HTU-500 Ozone Generator

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

O3  Output        
O2 Flow       O3 Concentration
0.5 g/hr 0.25 LPM 2.4 %
0.8 g/hr 0.5 LPM 1.9 %
0.9 g/hr 0.75 LPM 0.9 %
4.5 g/hr 2.7 LPM 1.9 %
1.0 g/hr 1.0 LPM 1.2 %

Key Features:

  • Double Quartz Dielectric – pure ozone production
  • Very flexible design, can accomodate most operation modes
  • Produce ozone from dry air or oxygen
  • Integrated 10-position switch to adjust ozone output
  • Can operate under vacuum or pressure
  • Wall mount, or bench-mount
  • Detachable power chord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Al. cabinet

For larger ozone productions with the double glass technology review our RMU-DG line of ozone generators.  These are rack mount ozone generators that use the same double glass dielectric technology to produce up to 40 g/hr of ozone, or ozone at up to 6% by weight.

RMU16-DG4 Ozone Generator
RMU16-DG4 Ozone Generator offers the ability to produce pure ozone from oxygen.