How to make your own Ozonated Olive Oil – tech tip

Ozonated olive oil is all the craze these days.  I won’t get into the Why of ozonated olive oil here, only the HOW.

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Ozonated olive oil is very simple (in theory) it is only olive oil + ozone.  Take any normal bottle of olive oil, or other similar oil and bubble ozone into that water.  After time this will create ozonated olive oil!  Simple right?   Keep reading…

Ozone is a gas that is only partially soluble into water.  Therefore it will require proper work to get ozone to dissolve into a liquid.  This is why when you bubble ozone into liquid you smell so much ozone above that liquid, most of the ozone is escaping.  For more information about ozone solubility, follow this link.

Other great tips on how to more efficiently create ozonated olive oil.

  • Always use ozone produced from oxygen.
    • Air fed ozone generators can introduce impurities
    • oxygen is more soluble into liquid that air
    • ozone produced from oxygen will be higher concentration (increased solubility)
  • Use an ozone generator that produces the highest concentration of ozone
  • Keep your ozonated olive oil cool, but not too cold
  • Use the tallest column possible to bubble ozone into your oil
  • Use the smallest pore diffuser possible to bubble ozone into your oil
    • smaller bubbles have greater surface area and will dissolve easier
  • Keep it running 24/7
    • Keep ozone concentration as high as possible, don’t give it a break, that only slows things down
  • Use glass containers to reduce impurities

See sample set-up below:

ozone olive oil in production
How to create ozonated olive oil

Necessary components:

  • Oxygen Source – we show an oxygen bottle, however an oxygen concentrator will be more cost effective long term.  And much more convenient.
  • Ozone Generator – Choose an ozone generator capable of producing high concentrations of ozone from oxygen.  Our pictures shows the smallest ozone generator we would recommend.
  • Reaction Vessel – use a reaction vessel made of glass that is as tall as possible.  Ensure it is sealed and vents excess gas to a safe location.  Use a bubble diffuser at the bottom with fine pores to create small bubbles.

A successful batch of ozonated olive oil should take only 24 – 72 hours to produce.  Ideally 24 – 48 hours.  More time allows more impurities to enter the system.

Should you have any questions about this ozone application or any others feel free to contact our staff today, we would be glad to discuss this with you.