Used Ozone Equipment for Sale

Looking for a ozone generation system but not wanting to spend the dollars it costs for new equipment? We recently obtained some used ozone equipment that is great bang for your buck.  Worried about buying used equipment because of age, or potential break down? We test all of our equipment before it’s sent out and replace and repair parts to ensure like new operation.  The recent additions to our used equipment is:


Ozone Generators:

Ozonia CFV-04



Oxygen Generators/Concentrators:

OG-500 OGSI Oxygen Generator
OG-175 OGSI Oxygen Generator

Ozone Analyzers:

BMT 963 Ozone Analyzer

Check out all of the used ozone equipment that we currently have for sale.  Don’t see what you are looking for? We are getting used equipment frequently and would be happy to check and see what we have to fit your needs. Give us a call 515-635-5854 or send us an e-mail.

Additional Used Ozone Equipment added to our site

We recently have obtained a complete ozone system capable of 230 lb/day (4,500 g/hr) ozone production.  This is a lightly used ozone system that we can offer as a complete set, or individual components.  We are very confident in the quality and demand of each component, therefore we are willing to sell each and every component individually.

Used ozonia CF-5 ozone generator for sale
CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generator

This system was installed about 3-years ago as a back-up system for a primary ozone system still in use today.  The system was started, tested, and verified in process.  After this time the demand for the main ozone system decreased, and this system was never needed as a back-up.  Therefore the only use this entire system saw was during initial start-up and testing.  Currently, the main ozone system is used less than 6 weeks per year, therefore the need for a back-up system has been removed.

The CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generators were used when they were purchased and installed.  All other components were new when installed.

Equipment List

  • – CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generators x3
  • – CH5003a Remcor Water Chiller x3
  • – AS-J AirSep Oxygen Concentrator
  • – Oxygen storage tank for AS-J
  • – OG-500 OGSI Oxygen Concentrator
  • – Oxygen storage tank for OG-500
  • – UP6-50PEI-125 Ingersoll Rand Compressor
  • – Ingersoll Rand refrigerant air dryer
  • – Compressed air tanks
  • – M450 3-channel Teledyne ozone analyzer
  • – Ozone Destruct unit
  • – Ozone contact tank – stainless steel
  • – System control system
  • – ATI 3-channel ozone & oxygen sensor


If you are in need of a large-scale ozone system, or any of these components, please contact our office to discuss how we can help today.

Used ASJ Airsep oxygen generator
AS-J Airsep oxygen generator
Used OG-500 oxygen generator
Used OG-500 Oxygen Generator
Closed loop water chiller for ozone generator cooling
Remcor 60,000 BTU closed loop chiller
50 HP rotary screw compressor for oxygen production
Ingersol Rand 50 HP compressor
Teledyne Model 450 OZone Analzyer
M450 Ozone Analyzer

Click HERE to see our full list of ozone equipment we have for sale.  

Something you are looking for?  We get new equipment frequently we would be glad to chek our shelves for you.

Have equipment to sell, please contact our office we are always in the market to buy used ozone equipment.  We purchase this equipment from you, refurbish as necessary, and re-sell to another user who can put that equipment to use.