Ozonia CF-5 (used)

Used CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generator.

Produces 1,280 g/hr ozone @ 10% by weight from 150 LPM oxygen flow

Produces 1,700 g/hr ozone @ 8% by weight from 250 LPM oxygen flow

We have 3 of these units available.

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We have 3 Ozonia CF-5 ozone generators for sale.  These units are currently installed in an equipment room on-site, however, they are not in use, and have not been in use for at least 3 years.  Each ozone generator has very low hours of operation and is in perfect working condition.

Ozone output for the CF-5 ozone generator is listed below:

  • Produces 67 lb/day (1,280 g/hr) ozone @ 10% by weight from 150 LPM oxygen flow
  • Produces 90 lb/day (1,700 g/hr) ozone @ 8% by weight from 250 LPM oxygen flow

The CF-5 uses 8 of the longer corona cells for ozone production.   All 8 are in good working condition and great condition.  Original electronics are in use on these ozone generators.  The oxygen purity meter has been removed from the units.

The CF-5 is a water cooled ozone generator and does require an outside cooling water source.  There is an integrated water temperature sensor on the display of the CF-5 ozone generator.

Either Dry-Air or Oxygen feed-gas can be used with the CF-5 ozone generator.  These particular ozone generators have been used only on oxygen feed-gas.

For additional technical information see link to user manual below:



CF-5 User Manual


We also have available the closed loop water chillers these ozone generators were used with, and 2 oxygen concentrators.  If you are looking for a complete system please let us know, we would be happy to provide it for you.


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More Information
Call For Price No
Ozone Output 1,700 g/hr ozone @ 8% by weight from 250 LPM oxygen flow
Feed Gas O2 or Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 250 LPM oxygen
Operating Pressure 15 PSI
Max Pressure 20
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Corona Cell Ceramic, Stainless Steel
Gas Connections 1/2" Female NPT connections
Dimensions 75" wide
35" deep
78" height
1800 lbs
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 105-deg F
Max O3 % 7.5% - 10%
Power Requirements 460 VAC 3-phase power
Warranty 30 Day
Country of Origin USA
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