230 lb/day Ozone System (used)

Complete used ozone system for sale.  System capable of 230 lb/day (4,500) g/hr ozone production.  System includes air compressor, oxygen generators, air/oxygen tanks, ozone generators, closed loop water chillers, and ozone monitoring.

Ozone Information

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We have a complete ozone system for sale.  This system is installed in an ozone equipment room at a customer's location.  Every piece is still in place and for sale at this time.  We are willing to split components up and sell separate, or sell complete.

System capable of 230 lb/day ozone production (4,500 g/hr)

Less than 300 hours on this system, it is in great working condition.  This was installed along with other equipment as a back-up ozone system.  This system was started, tested and validated by the plant, but was never put on-line in normal production.  Demand for the primary ozone system has declined, therefore this back-up system is now for sale.  We are offering individual components for sale, or can sell the entire system together.  

CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generators were previously used when this system was installed, all other components were new and have less than 300 hours of total operational hours.

System Components

  • CF-5 Ozonia Ozone Generators x3
  • CH5003a Remcor Water Chiller x3
  • AS-J AirSep Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen storage tank for AS-J
  • OG-500 OGSI Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen storage tank for OG-500
  • UP6-50PEI-125 Ingersoll Rand Compressor
  • Ingersoll Rand refrigerant air dryer
  • Compressed air tanks
  • M450 3-channel Teledyne ozone analyzer
  • Ozone Destruct unit
  • Ozone contact tank - stainless steel


Links to individual components

CF5 Ozonia Ozone Generator

OG-500 Oxygen Concentrator

AS-J Oxygen Concentrator

CH5003a Chiller




Remcor CH-5003a User Manual

Remcor CH5003a Specifications

AirSep AS-J Specifications

AIrSep AS-J Manual

CF-5 User Manual

Remcor CH-5003a User Manual

Remcor CH5003a Specifications

Ozone Information

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