Force Main Treatment

Eliminate odor and reduce corrosion by reducing anaerobic sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) with ozone and oxygen. Ozone and oxygen gas can be introduced directly into pressurized force-mains and lift stations with a turnkey, ready-to-use system.


  • Eliminate or reduce odor at the source and down-stream vents

  • Reduce H2S and other SRB’s for lower odors and lower corrosion

  • Lower operating costs by reducing chemical usage

  • Can reduce color in wastewater

  • Ozone is highly reactive and soluble into wastewater

Force Main ozone injection for odor control

Oxygen is generated on-site with an oxygen concentrator from ambient air using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Ozone is generated from oxygen under pressure using a corona discharge ozone generator. Ozone and oxygen is bubbled into a lift-station basin, and/or injected into a pressurized force main to dissolve ozone and oxygen into wastewater.

Only electrical power is required for operation as oxygen is generated from air.

Ozone/oxygen system can be provided in a pre-fab enclosure or be installed in an on-site building if available. Turn-key equipment is provided with all equipment necessary for safe and reliable ozone/oxygen generation.


Source of Odor and Problem Today:

Typical municipal waste-water has a common odor primarily composed of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). However, other compounds such as ammonia, mercaptans and other organic compounds. Typically the worst odors are created in an environment with low oxygen levels where the wastewater will become anaerobic and generate SRB’s. These sulfides can also be toxic, and extremely corrosive.

Traditional chemical treatment either masks the odor, or alter the metabolic cycle of the SRB’s to reduce odor. However, the bacteria is not eliminated and can create additional corrosion and odor in downstream systems. Chemicals also have a high ongoing cost that is incurred every month with no reprieve.


The Ozone/Oxygen Solution:

Introducing oxygen into the environment is a great solution to stopping the growth of the odor and corrosion causing SRB’s by creating an aerobic environment rather than anaerobic. The addition of ozone kills the bacteria and eliminates odors through powerful oxidation. Oxygen is more soluble into water than air, ozone is more soluble into water than oxygen. Therefore, ozone readily dissolves into this water with no additional mechanical mixing.

After ozone (O3) has dissolved into water and either oxidized odor-causing compounds or killed sulfate-reducing bacteria and reverted to O2 + CO (as an example) there may still be oxygen (O2) left-over for an additional reaction or creation of anaerobic environment. Ozone truly is the 1 + 2 Punch.


The Green Solution:

Ozone and oxygen are generated from the oxygen found in the ambient air and electricity. No additional chemicals are required. The ozone/oxygen solution is a true green solution!