Drinking Water

Ozone may be implemented in drinking water for a variety of reasons.  The following are some of the most common applications for ozone use in drinking water treatment:

     -Taste and odor control

     -Improved Flocculation

     -Algae Removal

    -Total Organic Carbon (TOC) oxidation

    -Oxidation of metals

    -Pimary disinfection

    -Color removal



Municipal Water Treatment

     -First industrial ozone application (1893)

     -Largest commercial use of ozone

     -Ozone is a green alternative to chlorine and other oxidants, ozone leaves no by-products in the water

     -Commonly used for ozone in municipal water treatment

            -Metal removal – iron and manganese

            -Disinfection – cryptosprodium, giardia and other organisms are readily oxidized by ozone

            -Taste and odor control – ozone oxidizes organics like Tannins and Sulphides

            -Decolorizing – oxidize organics causing discoloration of water

Ozone systems for municipal water treatment will range from moderate, to monstrous.  The largest ozone installations in the world are used for municipal drinking water applications.  These ozone systems will be designed and engineered for each specific need, and water source.  No two municipal ozone systems will be identical as no two municipalities are identical.

Follow this link for more information about ozone use in municipal water treatment


Bottled Water

     -Major industrial ozone application since 1982

     -Ozone Allows disinfection with no residual

     -Ozone provides a great method of achieving pure and safe bottled water

Ozone was given GRAS approval for bottled water by the FDA in 1982.  Since that time, ozone has become the de-facto disinfectant for bottled water applications

ozone bottled water

Click here for more information on using ozone in bottled water applications


Well Water

     -Well water is commonly treated with ozone for the same reasons ozone is used for municipal water treatment

     -Rural residential wells can use small ozone systems for water treatment

     -Livestock operations will benefit from ozone by saving costs from purchasing water, and provide better for water livestock to drink

     -Agricultural applications will use ozone to treat well water for healthier plants

Click here for more information on using ozone for well water treamtnet.


Oxidation Technologies offers the following services for drinking water applications:

     -Complete, turnkey ozone systems

     -Replacement ozone generators

     -Safety equipment, ozone sensors, calibration, and training

     -Ozone system repair and maintenance, planned or emergency


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