UV Lights

Ultraviolet radiation is lethal to virtually all bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The short wave radiation produced by germicidal ultraviolet lamps can quickly destroy these harmful substances and microorganisms in water. Because no chemicals are added, there is no danger of overdosing or contaminating the water through this process. No unwanted tastes or scents are present after purification and the water is ready for use immediately after it leaves the purifier.

  The 254 nm frequency used in germicidal lamps is destructive to ozone and can be used to safely revert ozone back to oxygen in water. These UV lights will provide 90-95% ozone destruction in water, however, the rated flow-rate for ozone destruction is x3 times lower than for germicidal use. Flow rate capacities listed for each UV light are shown for germicidal use; divide these by 3 to calculate proper dosage rate for ozone destruction in water. 

At the 185 nm frequency, ultraviolet lamps can be used to generate ozone in a gas stream. In an ozone generator, a UV lamp can be used to produce ozone from the oxygen in air. While ultraviolet light does not produce very high concentrations of ozone, it can be a valuable option when lower concentrations of ozone are necessary.

To learn more about how UV light interacts with ozone, click here

UV Light Systems
Product Dimensions GPM Price
Megatron Ultraviolet Systems
Dimensions Vary

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S17A Ultraviolet System
L 19.4" x W 4.3" x H 8.2" 3
S23A Ultraviolet System
L 23.4" x W 4.3" x H 8.2" 6
S2400C Ultraviolet System
L 52.4" x W 6.6" x H 11.1" 40
S37C Ultraviolet System
L 39.4" x W 5.7" x H 9.5" 12
S50C Ultraviolet System
L 52.4" x 5.7" x Height: 9.5" 20