Water Re-use

As water throughout the world becomes a commodity more countries are taking measures to reuse waste-water.  Along with this, factories will reuse process water and farmers will reuse water in agriculture.  Ozone can be a key part of these processes to provide safe and reliable water for reuse. 

Wastewater Re-use:

Using advanced wastewater processing techniques with ozone used for final disinfection and color removal, wastewater can be reused for many applications, including as drinking water.  While this is not the norm here in the USA, throughout the world this is becoming a necessity as quality water sources are becoming scarce.

Wastewater typically contains a great deal of contaminates that are very oxidisable. This gives ozone a wide variety of application in wastewater reuse. After oxidation ozone will break down to oxygen, and reduce the number of oxidation by-products and providing higher quality water at the of the process that could be used in agriculture application or re-introduced into the process system.


Agriculture Re-use:

Some agricultural applications, like dairy farming, can consume great deals of water and produce a great deal of waste water. A variety of options exist for water reuse. Manure presses can be used to remove liquids and reuse solids, lagoons can be used to settle solids and reuse liquids, or water may be simply reused within a process. Many times the remaining water will be high in bacteria, odor, and color. Ozone will provide great disinfection of this water, while removing odor and color. This will allow water to be safely used for irrigation or other processes.


Industrial Applications:

Many industrial processes can reuse water by cleaning water using various processes. However, adding ozone to these processes as a polisher can be a cost effective alternative. Ozone will be used for color removal, disinfection, or odor removal. There are also hard to break down toxins that ozone will remove for water reuse with in the industrial application, or for irrigation applications.


Rainwater Harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting systems are becoming more popular throughout the world for water conservation.  Water will be collected from the roof of buildings during rain storms and stored in large storage tanks.  This water can turn septic over time if not treated properly.  Ozone can be used to ensure water remains fresh and clean while adding absolutely no residuals to the water.  Ozone can also be used to disinfect and clean water to a state that it can be used for many non-potable, or even some potable applications.

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