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Ozone Systems for Soil and Groundwater Remediation:

Ozone trailer for groundwater remediation

Trailer Systems

ozone groundwater remediation system cabinet

Cabinet Systems

Modular ozone remediation system

Modular Systems


Ozone Water systems for pump and Treat

Ozone Water Systems(pump and Treat)



Oxidation Technologies provides turnkey Ozone Remediation Systems custom built for your specific project.  We have extensive experience as a system integrator of remediation systems implementing ozone, AOP, and other technologies with necessary.  We provide systems in the following configurations

Trailer Systems- Ozone Trailer systems house all equipment for safe and portable systems that are completely automated.  Trailer systems can be provided using our custom steel trailers that are a step above the standard cargo trailer you have seen in the past.

Cabinet Systems- Cabinet systems can be provided as a stand-alone system, and a panel system built for environmentally protected areas.  These systems are compact, and cost effective. 

Modular Ozone System Kits- Modular ozone systems are provided as kit assemblies that include all the components necessary for a complete remediation system.  These systems can be installed inside the customer's existing structure, trailer, cargo container, or shed.

Shed mounted Systems- Ozone systems can be housed in custom built sheds that will perform well, and match the aesthetics of the area the system is placed in.  Shed systems can be provided as turn-key solutions by Oxidation Tech or use the Modular Ozone System Kits.

Cargo Container Systems- Ozone systems installed in cargo containers can be shipped easily, even internationally.  Large ozone systems can be provided and shipped without great expense.  Very well protected and functional.  Cargo Container systems can be provided as turn-key solutions by Oxidation Tech or use the Modular Ozone System Kits.

Learn more about ozone use for groundwater remediation here.

Please contact our office for help determining what system configuration may be right for you.  Or for a quote on your existing project.

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