Product Spotlight: Ozone Accessories

To match our vast product line of systems, concentrators, and generators, here at Oxidation Technologies, we also offer a wide array of Ozone accessories. The often low-priced and extremely usable Ozone accessories will help ensure that you are able to get your Ozone systems back up-and-running as soon and as easy as possible. Whether it’s the tubing, check valves, diffusers, or one of our many other Ozone accessories, we have all the products you need to make sure your Ozone systems are always running at peak performance.


With over 80 options, we are sure that you will be able to find the Kynar Fitting that you are looking for. The fittings are made out of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), a thermoplastic material that is compatible with Ozone. Creating these fittings from PVDF makes a fitting that is resistant to abrasion, as well as chemical corrosion, the result is a fitting that is perfect for situations containing corrosive fluids. They are also equipped with a plastic gripper nut, guaranteeing that you will get an incredibly tight grip on plastic tubing every time.


FEP (Fluorinated ethylene-propylene) Tubing is the best tubing on the market when it comes to working with Ozone. FEP tubing is 100% Ozone resistant, capable of working with very high temperatures, and it is also made with maximum flexibility in mind. FEP tubing is what we using when building our own Ozone systems, so it is always in stock at our warehouse and can typically ship in any length you would like. If you prefer a specific coil length or spool, please call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Ozone Diffusers

Ozone Diffusers are just another one of the great Ozone accessories that we offer, and when it comes to diffusers, nothing compares to the SS6-12 Diffuser. The SS6 has a 20-micron rating and is capable of bubbling ozone into water at flow rates up to 5 CFM. The SS6 creates bubbles at both low and high-rates so there is absolutely no compromise on the mass transfer at any flow-rate. The SS6 is great for treating wastewater, groundwater remediation, and many other applications. Click here to see our other Diffuser options.

And Even More

It is also important to note impressive products such as our Venturi Injectors, and our Check Valves. Our Venturi injectors are created with a Black Kynar material that promises longevity because of its optimal ozone resistance. We offer a wide array of injectors that work with almost any flow rate so you will be able to find the right product that works for you. The injector is perfect for ozonating a continual stream of water. Our check valves work with the injectors so you are left with a connection that is leak-proof and durable.

To see all of our Ozone Accessories, please click here.

60 g/hr Ozone Generator for rent

60 g/hr Ozone Generator for Rent

Oxidation Technologies is now offering a rental Ozone Generator that is capable of efficiently producing 60 g/hr of Ozone. This product can operate well on both 50 hz or 60 hz of power with no changes or alterations needed. This generator also has an adjustable output standard. The 60 g/hr generator is incredibly easy to install and operate. It also comes in a plastic enclosure, making it incredibly durable.

If you are looking to purchase an Ozone Generator with similar performance specifications, we highly recommend checking out either the OXG-60, or the OXP-60 Ozone Generators.

All other Ozone Generators from Oxidation Technologies can be found on our website following this link.

Oxidation Tech Rental Terms

-Pre-payment required for all rentals – payment can be made online with credit card

-Shipping both to/from is paid by the customer – ground shipping is alright

-Equipment is guaranteed to come in working order, damage to equipment will be billed

-Terms of the rental can be extended at any time throughout the duration of the rental

-There are discount for longer rental terms, arrangements have to be made pre-purchase

More information/purchasing options regarding the 60 g/hr Ozone Generator Rental can be found here.

Introducing: EnozoWash

The EnozoWash

The EnozoWASH is an industrial spray washer developed by Ozone experts that utilizes Enozo’s patented Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology™ (ADEPT) to create a sustainable, easy-to-use low-concentration ozone sanitizer from water in water.  The EnozoWASH is ideal for use on large areas and surfaces including floors, walls, outdoor spaces, plants and produce. The EnozoWASH helps the user avoid the purchase of several different cleaners and sanitizers, and since the EnozoWASH can be connected to standard hoses and clean water sources, there is no need to purchase special attachments. It requires no additional filters, no so-called stabilizers or other expensive consumables. The versatile EnozoWASH sanitizing sprayer can be used as either a hand-held sprayer or incorporated into an integrated cleaning system. The EnozoWASH produces a low-concentration ozone cleaner and sanitizer so evacuation of a designated area before or after spraying the ozonated water is not necessary.

Key Product Features

The EnozoWash is the newest and most innovative product when it comes to environmentally friendly sterilization from Enozo. By combining Ozone with water in water, the EnozoWash is great for applications where a large surface area needs to be disinfected. This product uses a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of over 500 full-charges. EnozoWash also runs with a one touch/hold button and a lightweight handle to optimize ease-of-use for you. Along with enhanced usability, LED lights are used to clearly display sprayer function and show updates on charging progress. The electrolytic cell inside the EnozoWASH is created from a proprietary diamond process technology and generates ozone on-demand in water. This proprietary process allows the EnozoWash to produce a .3-1.5 ppm flow of managed ozone. 

Typical Applications


-Delivery Trucks


-Movie Theaters


Product Specifications

For more information/purchasing options, please click here.

Ozone used to remove micropollutants

Wastewater treatment for micropollutants is becoming more popular and important worldwide. As the concerns of pharmaceuticals in water comes to the forefront, the desire for cleaner, safer water is understood. This leads to the implementation of systems to remove micropollutants from wastewater during the treatment process. Ozone is one technology that has proven effective to remove micropollutants and pharmaceuticals from wastewater. Article below gives some great information on another new plant upgrading to ozone use.

Learn more about ozone use for wastewater and micropollutants HERE

Full news article HERE

Swiss wastewater plant chooses Xylem’s ozone tech to remove micropollutants

Swiss wastewater plant chooses Xylem’s ozone tech to remove micropollutants

SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland – Xylem (NYSE: XYL) has been awarded a contract to provide advanced treatment technology to the Werdhölzli wastewater treatment plant in Zurich, the largest wastewater treatment facility in Switzerland.

The European Union (EU) has published a list of prioritized substances that pose a threat to ground and surface water sources. To adhere to the environmental standards set by the EU, the member countries have to regularly monitor the occurrence of the listed substances.

In Switzerland, a 20-year process to upgrade major wastewater treatment plants is underway to tackle such pollutants, which currently remain in treated wastewater and are released into surrounding lakes and rivers.

As part of this agenda, new legislation came into effect on 1 January 2016 requiring wastewater treatment plants to implement an additional treatment process, specifically for the removal of micropollutants.

Xylem said its ozone technology will enable the plant to meet new Swiss regulations regarding the protection of water bodies and specifically, the removal of micropollutants.

Eight Wedeco SMOevo ozone systems will be supplied to the Werdhoelzli wastewater treatment plant as part of a 50 million CHF (51.17 million USD) upgrade project.

Once operational, the plant will be able to produce 153 kilograms of ozone per hour (kgO3/h)  to treat a  flow of 6,500 liters per second (l/s), making it the largest ozone plant for the removal of micropollutants in the world.

Growing concern about micropollutants – contaminants that are released from everyday products such as industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), pesticides, and hormones, and cannot be removed with conventional wastewater treatment technologies – is leading many countries to consider more rigorous treatment solutions.

Peter Wiederkehr, chief operating officer (COO) Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich, said: “Wastewater treatment plants serving a population of 5,000 or more must be equipped now with a new treatment stage which ensures that up to 80% of pre-selected micropollutants are removed. Extensive research has confirmed ozone as a preferred technology for this stage. Xylem’s Wedeco SMOevo ozone systems will enable us to meet the new treatment regulations with a reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution.”

Florian Milz, key account manager with Xylem added, “The elimination of micropollutants from wastewater is a challenge which more and more facilities must address. While conventional treatment processes do not remove them completely, oxidation with ozone is proving to be one of the most efficient methods for reducing these contaminants. Pollutants, colored substances, odors and microorganisms are directly destroyed by oxidation, without creating harmful chlorinated by-products or significant residues.”

Construction on the Werdhölzli wastewater treatment plant upgrade began in 2016 and the plant is expected to be operational by 2018.

Ozone Equipment Service and Repair

Here at Oxidation Technologies, we have the know-how and the tools required to help you with whatever Ozone issues you may be having. Whether it’s generator repairs, system services, or simple preventative maintenance, we are here to help. Our technicians have experience working with most ozone generator manufacturers and we have all the equipment needed to either keep you running, or get you back up-and-going as soon as possible. We offer comprehensive service contracts for ozone systems as well as for the water treatment industry. Follow below to see just how Oxidation Technologies can help you.

Ozone Generator/System Repair:

  • We can repair your ozone generator on-site or here at our location in Inwood, IA
  • We have repair technicians that we work with, and trust throughout the USA
  • Most ozone generators use common components, even if your ozone generator is obsolete, it may be repairable
  • New ozone generators may cost more to purchase than to repair your existing ozone generator, call us for a quote today!

Ozone Generator/System Service:

  • We can perform on-site service of your integrated system as needed or set-up a contract
  • We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual service contracts
  • Proper service and maintenance are required for long lasting equipment
  • Many times, preventative maintenance will cost less than costly repairs

Ozone System Preventative Maintenance:

  • Even the best systems require maintenance
  • Poorly maintained ozone systems produce poor results
  • Ozone system maintenance can be simple if it is performed regularly
  • Feed gas systems are commonly neglected
  • Ozone leak sensors require calibration
  • Some corona cells require cleaning
  • Check valve and water traps must be in working condition
  • If neglected, repairs will cost far more than routine maintenance

Introducing: BOSEAN Ozone Detectors

We are happy to announce that Oxidation Technologies is now offering portable and fixed BOSEAN Ozone Detectors. The new line contains the BH-90 Portable Ozone Detector, BH-90A Portable Ozone Detector, and the BH-60 Fixed Ozone Detector. Whether you need a detector for everyday use, or for gas detection in more of an industrial setting, these incredibly accurate and economical sensors are the perfect fit for a multitude of applications. Follow along with this blog to find out exactly what BOSEAN Ozone Detector is the right fit for you.

BH-90 Portable Ozone Detector

BH-90 is an economic, portable ozone gas detector. This detector adopts 8-bit micro control technology which aids its fast response time, high accuracy, stability, and excellent repetition ability. The BH-90 is easy to use and its small size makes it extremely portable. The built-in flashlight also allows this product to be used during times of temporary darkness.

More information/purchasing options for the BH-90 can be found here.

BH-90A Portable Ozone Detector

The BH-90A is another great option when it comes to affordable, portable ozone detection. The BH-90A carries many similar features to the BH-90 but its larger battery allows for the detector to be used for longer periods of time after a single charge. This detector also has a larger LCD display screen to clearly and accurately describe its readings to whomever is using it. The anti-slip casing material is also explosion-proof, promising that this detector will last you over its 2 year life-span.

More information/purchasing options for the BH-90A can be found here.

BH-60 Fixed Ozone Detector

Lastly, we are introducing the BH-60, a fixed ozone monitor with display. When the BH-60 reads a concentration of Ozone reaching dangerous levels, it gives both a visual and audible alarm so the proper safety precautions can be taken in a timely manner. The secureness and accuracy of the BH-60 allows for an extra sense of security and enhanced peace of mind. Like the other BOSEAN products, this detector’s combination of explosion-proof casing, and rapid response time make it one of the best detectors in the industry.

More information/purchasing options for the BH-60 can be found here.

Ozone Test Chambers from Oxidation Technologies

We are excited to introduce the Ozone Chamber Systems we provide and how they can benefit you in your specific application.

Why we manufacture ozone chambers

At Oxidation Tech we specialize in ozone system integration of automated turnkey ozone systems for most any ozone application. One of the services we provide is ozone analyzer calibrations.

Over the years we have had many customers send in their ozone analyzers that were used in an ozone chamber of some sort. What we found with these analyzers was upsetting. They were inaccurate, and there was no way to calibrate them.

There was a reason our customers were not sending their ozone analyzers back to the original manufacturer – a lack of  good service. After learning more about the ozone test chambers available in the market today, we found they all shared the same characteristics of being proprietary, expensive, over engineered, and having a lack of customer service from the manufacturer. So we came up with a product that resolves these issues. 

What makes our Ozone Testing Chambers different

They are simple

Our ozone chambers are simple. The only requirement needed is electrical power. We understand that we simply need to produce, measure and control ozone gas in a given volume. Some ozone chamber systems require cooling water and oxygen to create the ozone. Our systems are air cooled and use dry ambient air as a feed gas for the ozone generator. Less components means less potential issues.

They are made in the USA

The Ozone chambers we provide are assembled completely in the USA, The Ozone Generator, UV ozone analyzer, and control system are all built in the USA with the highest manufacturing standards. Typical lead times for a new ozone chamber order is approximately 6 weeks.

We provide exceptional Customer Service

Prompt service and support is available from our service reps and distribution network.

They are cost effective

Oxidation Technologies offers the most competitive pricing in the market due to the simplicity of our systems.

They have updated features including:

Integrated Data logging – All of the chambers we offer utilize a simple way to data log ozone concentrations and temperature levels using a USB data stick.

Optional Remote monitoring/control -If you have the need to monitor or control the ozone chamber from a remote location, the only requirement is internet access.

Different System Options to Pick From:


This chamber is great for a multiple applications, such as: accelerated age testing, scientific studies & research, as well as surface adhesion testing. Made out of stainless steel along with a clear window so the oxidation process can be viewed in real-time. The touch-screen pad also enhances this products usability.


An Ozone Environmental Chamber that operates in a range from 0-1000 PPM. Perfect for accelerated age testing, odor removing, and surface adhesion testing. This chamber also includes a window so that items being tested can be viewed in real-time.


As a large ozone chamber, this product’s PPM range is customer specified and also comes custom built with a base and wheels for enhanced mobility. Great for large item exposure testing, odor removal, sterilization, as well as surface adhesion testing.

ODC-1 Ozone Disinfection Chamber

Turnkey ozone generator that supplies, measures, and controls ozone gas into an existing room or chamber. This product works great for ozonating rooms to make sure they are sterile. It also contains an extremely simple touchscreen for maximum usability.

Chamber Volume

Overall Dimensions
(W x H x D) inches

Chamber Dimensions
(W x H x D) inches


30 x 18 x 10

15 x 18 x 10


40 x 20 x 10

20 x 20 x 10


44 x 24 x 10

24 x 24 x 10


50 x 24 x 10

30 x 24 x 12

For more information on the Ozone Chamber Systems Click here.


Contact us to assist you with your application!

Introducing: PRO-5 Oxygen Concentrator

THE PRO-5 Oxygen Concentrator

When it comes to Non-Medical oxygen usage, the Pro-5 Oxygen Concentrator comes second to none. 30 years of success in the oxygen industry has now produced the Pro-5 Series. The proven design and years of technological advancements have now brought one of the best oxygen concentrators on the market. The reimagined and sleek device proves that not only does extremely high quality oxygen production have to take up space, but it also does not have to break the bank. Along with the good looks, this product’s wheels, carry handle, and light-weight (only 35 lbs) make it an incredibly portable device as well. Even with it’s light weight, the tough thermoplastic covering also makes it a very durable product. The Pro-5 also comes with a safety alarm to offer an enhanced peace-of-mind while it is being used. All-in-all, this low maintenance oxygen concentrator is great for a multitude of applications.

Typical Application


-Glass Work/Blowing


-Thermal/Chemical Oxidation


-Ozone (Generator) Feed Gas

-Waste/Water Treatment

-Environmental Remediation


-Fish Farming



Product Specs:

For more information + purchasing options: Please click here.

Product Spotlight: VMUS-4

VMUS-4 Ozone Generator

With the VMUS-4 Corona Cell recently being added to our website, it is a great time to take a look at the specs and features of the VMUS-4 Ozone Generator.

The VMUS-4 is an ozone generator can produce ozone from dry air, or oxygen feed gas.  Either vacuum operation or pressure works fine for the ozone generator cell.  Air cooled operation allows for use in a multitude of applications without the dilemma of cooling water.  With the smaller size and secure ozone production, the VMUS-4 is a great value in ozone generators! The VMUS-4 is a wall mountable Ozone generator which produces up to 10 g/hr of ozone @ 4 l/min of oxygen at over 3% by weight. Higher ozone concentrations are possible at lower oxygen flow rates. At 1 LPM the VMUS-4 produces ozone at 5.3% by weight. For full details on ozone generator performance view our performance chart. This generator uses corona discharge technology. The corona cell in the VMUS-4 uses a true quartz dielectric in a stainless-steel shell. This technology offers maximum reliability and ability for future repairs if ever necessary. Every component on the VMUS-4 is replaceable or repairable for long-term operation in your facility. 

Key Features:

  • Produces Up to 10 g/hr ozone efficiently
  • Capable of also producing 4 g/hr ozone from dry air
  • Wall mountable
  • Flow meter is standard
  • Adjustable output Standard
  • Flow Switch Standard
  • Detachable power cord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Al. cabinet
  • Can operate under pressure or vacuum
  • Circuit protection equipped
  • Rebuildable ozone generator corona cell
  • 120 or 220 VAC power, 50/60 Hz capability standard

Different Options

4-20 mA input control – control output of ozone generator from 0-100% via a 4-20 mA input.  Additional information on this in the adjustable ozone output section below.

External ON/OFF control – turn ozone generator ON/OFF via dry contacts from remote location.  Useful for system integration where some automation is required.

Internal air pump – small air-pump can be built into the VMUS-4 to push air through the ozone generator.  This is useful when the VMUS-4 is used with an air dryer to produce ozone and a motive flow source is required.  Such as, a bubble diffuser at the bottom of a water tank.

Disable Flow Switch – option to disable the integrated flow switch.  Useful for low-flow applications, where ozone production at flows below 1 LPM are required.

Integrated Flow switch

The VMUS-4 uses an integrated flow switch for simple and reliable automation. This switch will turn the ozone generator ON when feed-gas flow rises above about 1.5 LPM, and turn the ozone generator OFF when feed-gas flow drops below about 1 LPM. This provides some simple automation for your ozone system. When used with a simple venturi injector the VMUS-4 will turn ON and OFF automatically based on suction from the venturi. When used with an oxygen generator the VMUS-4 will turn ON and OFF automatically when flow starts or stops from the oxygen generator. This feature eliminates the need for external wiring or flow/pressure switches.

When the ozone generator is turned OFF due to no flow, the No Flow light illuminates indicating this. When the flow is present this No Flow light will go out, and the blue Ozone light will illuminate, indicating ozone is now produced. This flow switch can be disabled by choosing the “Disable flow-switch” option when purchasing.  There is no cost difference on this option.

Adjustable Ozone Output

The VMUS-4 uses a digital adjustable ozone output shown in the image above. This will allow setting the ozone output from 0-100% using the rocker switch. Green status lights will show the current power setting of the ozone generator clearly and easily. The ozone output can also be adjusted while the ozone generator is in a No Flow status and not producing ozone.

Ozone output can also be adjusted via 4-20 mA input.  This allows adjustment of ozone output via a PLC or another device for automated operation.  When this option is chosen the keypad is overridden as long as the 4-20 mA is connected, if the connection is terminated the keypad is functional again.  Ozone output is displayed via the green LED indicators on the touchpad with the 4-20 mA input or the pushbuttons.

Circuit Protection

The VMUS-4 uses a sophisticated power inverter board that will protect the corona cell and/or transformer against failure. In the event, the corona cell does become contaminated with moisture, or dust the inverter will turn OFF ozone production immediately to protect against damage. Every 6 seconds this inverter will attempt to produce ozone and will restart automatically when conditions improve. While we hope our customers never flood, or contaminated the ozone generator corona cell, we know this is a possibility, this circuit protection will prevent potentially costly repairs.

Rebuild-able Corona Cell

The VMUS-4 corona cell is completely rebuildable. The Quarts dielectric can be removed from the stainless-steel shell and be cleaned, or replaced if necessary. We know that air dryers, oxygen concentrators, and check valves can fail. Therefore, we provide an easily rebuild-able corona cell so that these external failures do not have to be fatal to your ozone generator. The VMUS-4 Corona cell consists of very few components. The Stainless shell and quartz dielectric are the main components.  Each end is sealed with a Kynar end cap that has the fitting molded in (fewer leak points) with a Viton O-ring and Kynar sealing ring.  We stock and sell all replacement and repair parts for the VMUS-4 ozone generator.  Therefore, you can be confident that no matter what happens your ozone generator will be repairable.

Ozone used to remove odor from Sports Equipment

One of our customers who uses ozone for a unique application created the following video. This is a great explanation of one of the many uses for ozone.

Ozone has many applications in air treatment. While care and caution must be taken, ozone gas in air is very effective at removing odor, eliminating bacteria, and even prolonging the shelf-life of food. More info on ozone use in air treatment is at the link below: