Consulting Services


ozone system repair

Oxidation Technologies offers a full range of consulting services.  We have a wide variety of experience in many ozone applications.  With a combined 35 years of ozone application experience, we have the experience necessary to walk you through your first, or latest ozone installation.

Our experience is mainly in the following areas of expertise:

Ozone use for Groundwater remediation

We have designed, built and installed ozone systems on over 30 active and successfully closed remediation sites

Ozone systems ranged from mobile trailers, skids, and enclosures

Ozone systems for pump and treat and in-site applications

Ozone use in food processing applicationsIndustrial odor control with ozoneAquaculture applications with ozone

We have a wide variety of experience in using ozone for direct contact with food and for a variety of antimicrobial applications

Design-builds for one of the largest cold storage facility in the USA

Successful ozone installations in flour mills  for many of the major flour suppliers

Livestock water treatment systems

We have designed and built ozone water filtration systems for dairy farms as large as 7,000 cows

Poultry, hogs, and cattle will all benefit from better quality water, we are located in the midwest, most of us have worked on, or currently live on farms.

Cooling tower treatment with ozone

Aquaculture applications with ozone