Ethylbenzene (C6H5CH2CH3) is a colorless liquid that can be distinguished by a smell resembling that of gasoline. Its primary industrial use is in the manufacture of styrene which is used to make polystyrene, a common plastic material. It is also present as a solvent in inks, dyes, and gasoline.

Exposure to ethylbenzene is rarely dangerous. High levels of ethylbenzene in the air can cause eye and throat sensitivity.

EPA has set the maximum contaminant level for ethylbenzene in drinking water at .7 mg/l or 700 ppb.

Oxidation Information

Reaction wiht Ozone: C6H10 + 7 O3 ---> 8 CO2 + 5 H2O

Number of O3 molecules consumed per molecule of ethylbenzene: 7

Molecular weights: Ozone=48 Ethylbenzene=106.167

Grams of ozone required to fully oxidize 1 gram of ethylbenzene: 3.16

Calculation: 1 gram ethylbenzene / 106.167 = 0.0094191227 * 48 * 7 moles of ozone = 3.16 grams of ozone