Air Vents

Ozone Air Vents for Use on Ozone Water System

Use these air vents on your ozone contact tank to remove off-gassed ozone efficiently and reliably.

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1-AVCW 11-AV


  • Clear bowl to see water level in tank and visually indicate ozone off-gassing
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning or rebuilding
  • Replacement parts are available



  • Should not be used with ozone concentrations in air above 6% by weight
  • Not compatible with high levels of ketones, chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons



  • Compatible with higher ozone concentrations than the 1-ACVW
  • 1-piece unit prevents leaks and improves reliability



  • 1-piece design does not allow repair, or rebuild of valve
  • Stainless body does not allow visual indication of water level in tank, or ozone off-gassing



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