Venturi Injector

Mazzei Venturi Injector for ozone injection into water:

The Mazzei Venturi Injector is simply the best device available to introduce ozone gas into water efficiently.  Chart below shows all Black Kynar (PVDF) Mazzei Venturi's. 

We do carry the full line of Mazzei venturis, if you don't see what you are looking for, please call our sales staff.

Venturi Injectors
Product Thread Size Typical Water Flow Price
Model 287 Venturi Injector
Venturi 287
1/2" Male NPT 25 to 70 GPH
Model 684 Venturi Injector
Venturi 684
3/4" Male NPT 5 to 15 GPM
Model 484 Venturi Injector
Venturi 484
1/2" Male NPT 2 to 5 GPM
Model 584 Venturi Injector
Venturi 584-C
1/2" Male NPT 3 to 9 GPM
Model 384 Venturi Injector
Venturi 384
1/2" Male NPT 1.2 to 3 GPM
Model 384X Venturi Injector
Venturi 384X
1/2" Male NPT 1.2 to 3 GPM
Model 484X Venturi Injector
Venturi 484X
3/4" Male NPT 2 to 5 GPM
Model 584 Venturi Injector
Venturi 584
3/4" Male NPT 3 to 9 GPM
Model 784 Venturi Injector
Venturi 784
3/4" Male NPT 7.5-20 GPM
Model 1078 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 1078
1.5" Male NPT 14 to 45 GPM
Model 978 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 978
1" Male NPT 5 to 18 GPM
Model 878 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 878
1" Male NPT 5 to 15 GPM
Model 1585X PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 1585X
1.5" Male NPT 14 to 45 GPM
Model 1587 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 1587
1.5" Male NPT 25 to 56 GPM
Model 1583 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 1583
1.5" Male NPT 14 to 45 GPM
Model 1584 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 1584
1.5" Male NPT 25 to 80 GPM
Model 2081 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 2081
2" Male NPT 43 to 124 GPM
Venturi 3090
Venturi 3090
3" Male NPT 100 to 327 GPM
Model 4091 PVDF Venturi Injector
Venturi 4091
4" Male NPT 150 to 530 GPM
Model 2081-SS
Venturi Stainless Steel Injectors
1, 2 Male NPT 7 - 23 GPM, 43 - 124 GPM

Replacement Parts for Venturi's
Product Features Price
.375 PVDF Cap
Injector Replacement Caps .375 PVDF
Compatible with: Venturi Models 384 through 784
CR-1 Repair Kit for 283 and 287 Mazzei Injectors
CR-1 Venturi Repair Kit
CR-2 Repair Kit for Injectors 384,384X, 484, 584C, 484A, 484X, 584, 684 & 784
CR-2 Venturi Repair Kit
.75 PVDF Caps
Injector Replacement Caps for .75 PVDF
CR-3 Venturi Injector Repair Kit
CR-3 Venturi Repair Kit
CR-4 Venturi Repair Kit
CR-4 Venturi Repair Kit
2.0 PVDF Cap
Injector Replacement Caps for Model 3090
2.0 PVDF Cap
Injector Replacement Caps for Model 4091



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How a Venturi Injector Works:

 Click HERE to see a video on how the venturi injector works

 A venturi injector pulls ozone/oxygen gas into the water stream under a vacuum and dissolves that ozone/oxygen gas into water very efficiently.  A pressure differential across the orifice in the venturi creates a high-velocity jet stream of water.  This high velocity of water results in a decrease in absolute pressure and creates a vacuum on the third leg, or gas suction let.  This gas is quickly and efficiently dissolved into the water directly after this venturi.


Ozone/Oxygen gas is pulled into the water.  The gas fills the void created by the suction action of the venturi to entrain the gas bubbles into water very efficiently.

  Venturi injector in action


Tech Notes:

-Complete Mazzei Venturi Injector Performance Tables (all mazzei venturi's are in one table)

-Tech Note - Injector Troubleshooting Guide

-Tech Note - Injector Ozone to Water Mixing

-Tech Note - Correction Factor for Gas Flow When Gas is Under Pressure

-Tech Note - Injector by-Pass Assembly

-Tech Note - Supplemental Check Valves

-Tech Note - Handling Solids During Injector and Nozzle Mixing 

-Tech Note - Installation Notes

-Tech Note - Pressurized Sprinkler Applications

-Tech Note - Pressurized Water Line Applications

-Tech Note - Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Aeration

-Tech Note - Removal of Iron and Manganese by Aeration

-Tech Note - Water-Well/Pressure Tank Applications


Additional Information:


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Static mixer for ozone in action

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Fundamentals of Ozone Solubility

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Compare Diffuser to Venturi Injector

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Online Ozone Calculations

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