Dairy Farms

Ozone has many great uses on dairy farms. Ozone Services is located in the heart of Northwest Iowa Dairy country and has extensive experience using ozone in a variety of applications on dairy farms. We would be glad to put our experience to work for you.



Teat Wash and Disinfection:

Ozone dissolved in water can be used for a teat spray prior to milking to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the teats.

Ozone in water is not harsh and will improve teat health of the skin and teat, while offering the greatest sanitize available. This will reduce bacteria in the milker, reduce cross contamination, and reduce the potential of disease on each every cow.

Ozone is the most power oxidizer available, and one of the powerful tools for sanitation, while also being one of the safest and least harsh chemicals you could use on your cows.


          Dairy cow teat wash and sanitation


Hoof Bath:

Hoof baths are used on may dairy's to treat cows hoofs to prevent hair hoof wart, and other common hoof diseases. As a cows hoofs are commonly wet, and an a bacteria laden environment they have the tendency to contract bacterial based diseases that will cause a cow to be lame or limp on one leg.


Ozone can be used in the water of a hoof bath to kill bacteria and prevent common hoof diseases. Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can be used as an antimicrobial intervention. Ozone use is lower cost than other options, like copper sulfate, and is healthy for manure pits and overall farm health.

Click here for more information on ozone use in dairy farm hoof baths


Well Water/Drinking Water Treatment:

Many dairies use well water for all water use on the dairy. In some cases this is the only option, in some cases this is the most cost effective option. Well water can contain contaminates such as Iron, Manganese, H2S, and other taste and odor causing elements. Click here for more information on ozone in well water treatment, for general drinking water applications.

If your dairy has poor quality well water, or are interested in drilling a well for your dairy, consider the use of an ozone water treatment system for your dairy.


Drinking Water Disinfection:

Ozone and H2O2 can be used to disinfect drinking water on your dairy. Both well water and rural water can benefit from water disinfection. By reducing bacteria in water cows will be healthier and water will taste better. Drinkers will grow less bacteria, algae, and require less cleaning.



Ozone is used for commercial laundry systems in hotels, jails, nursing homes, and hospitals as an energy and cost savings alternative. These same advantages can be brought to your dairy laundry systems.

Ozone use replaces hot water for laundry, and reduces chemicals. This will conserve energy and save costs for your dairy.

Ozone used for commercial laundry on dairy

        Commercial Laundry Machines used on Dairy Farms

Diaries may have large quantities of laundry to complete each day. Dairies may use towels or rags to wipe teats prior to milking, these towels are washed between each milking. Ozone will disinfect these towels better than any detergent or hot water. This will reduce bacteria, and reduce the chance of cross contamination between cows during milking.

Click here to learn more about ozone use in Dairy farm laundry machines.


Surface Sanitation:

Ozone is used for surface sanitation in many food and processing applications. These same benefits can be brought to a dairy.

If ozone water is used on your dairy this ozone should be used for your cleaning process. Water sprayed in the milking parlor and milk house for normal cleaning can be ozone water to offer improved cleaning of surfaces and surface sanitation at no additional costs to the dairy. By improving surface sanitation and eliminating bacteria in more places on your dairy herd health can be improved and milk quality can be assured.

Click here to learn more about Surface Sanitation with ozone on dairy farms.


Clean in Place (CIP):

Milking system sanitation usually occurs after every milking shift. Hot water, and chemicals can be used to sanitize milking lines and equipment.

Ozone can take the place of hot water and some chemicals to save costs, and help achieve an organic rating for your milk. Ozone can also save time by reducing CIP steps, therefore lowering the down-time of your milking parlor.

Click here to learn more about Dairy CIP processes using ozone.


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