Hoof Bath

Hoof baths are used on many dairy‚Äôs to treat cow's hoofs to prevent hairy hoof rot, and other common hoof diseases.  As a cows hoofs are commonly wet, and in a bacteria laden environment that have the tendency to contract bacterial based diseases.


Ozone can be used in the water of a hoof bath to kill bacteria and prevent common hoof diseases.  Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can be used as an antimicrobial intervention.   Ozone use is lower cost than other options, like copper sulfate, and formeldehyde.  Ozone is healthy for manure pits and overall farm health.


How It Works:

Ozone is dissolved into the water at a level of around 10.0 ppm or greater.  Water with ozone is added into the hoof bath at a slow flow rate constantly to keep a low level of ozone in the water at all times.  Water will overflow from the hoof bath and be added constantly.  This new water will dilute with existing water to maintain a low dissolved ozone level in the hoof bath.  By starting with a very high ozone level, a low ozone level can be maintained at all times.  Ozone levels of only 0.5 ppm will be very affective at killing all bacteria.

Ozone in this water will also break down into H2O2 in the water, and valant Oxygen atoms.  These by-products will also aid in bacterial reduction on the hoofs of cows as they walk through the hoof bath.


Benefit of Ozone:

Ozone offers a cost savings vs chemicals.  Ozone equipment is a one time purchase, with minor maintenance costs.  Long term there are no chemicals to buy on a monthly basis

Ozone is safer for the manure pit, and eventually the field that manure will be spread on.   


Ozone is dissolved into water using an ozone injection system.  The size of ozone system will be based upon your total water flow rate used.  Total water flow may be based on other applications for ozone on your dairy.  See diagram of ozone injection system below for information on how ozone is dissolved into water.


Ozone injection system for dairy hoof bath



Examples of Ozone Water Systems Shown Below:

For more information on what system may be right for you, call our application engineers for help.

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