Air Treatment

Ozone can be used to improve the quality of the air by purifying the air of harmful gasses, odors, and bacteria to meet technological and sanitary-hygienic requirements.

Ozone is used for air treatment in many applications to improve the quality of air. Common applications of ozone in air are:

     -Odor control in factory or plant settings

     -Odor control in occupied spaces for people or livestock, even casinos will use ozone to keep air fresh

     -Food storage applications

     -Virus or bacteria control

     -Disaster restoration

     -Mold elimination or prevention

ozone used in food storage

            *Ozone used in Cold Storage facilities for food preservation

ozone odor control

          *Ozone used at lift Station for odor control

          *Ozone used for Disaster Restoration


Questions about ozone use in air applications? Contact us, we would be glad to share our experience with you.


Special Considerations:

     *Ozone is a toxic gas in high levels. Ozone level control is paramount to a safe system for personnel.

     *Ozone Generators can produce ozone from oxygen or air for these applications as solubility of ozone is not a concern. Also, UV light ozone generators could be used if deemed sufficiently reliable.

     *Ozone levels in air may vary greatly throughout a room or air stream due to the tendency of ozone to cling to surfaces and not mix well in the air

     *By-products produced from ozone oxidation may be harmful, ensure there are no potentials for unsafe ozone product production in your application

     *Reaction time for ozone varies greatly depending upon temperature, humidity and other factors. Keep this in mind when considering residence and reaction time.