Ozone is used in aquaculture applications to improve water quality, reduce pathogens, and increase efficiency of the water treatment systems.






Aquaculture/Life Support:

     -Aquatic exhibits at zoos and aquariums

     -Highly suitable for this application

     -Color removal – crystal blue water

     -Water disinfection

     -Organic decomposition

     -Wide use for over 20 years

     -Aquaculture applications (fish farming)

     -Allows higher feed rates – higher growth rate

     -Ice Machines


Ozone use in fish farming

          *Ozone is one component in a complete aquaculture system. The image below shows an example of what a complete system may look like.

Ozone use in aquculture


Fish Farming:

Ozone use can keep water cleaner and fish healthier. Healthier fish take on feed faster and grow faster. Use of ozone in these applications has shown great payback on investment.

Implementing ozone correctly is imperative as too much can damage the gills of the fish, however, too little if other systems are designed around ozone, can cause water quality issues. While the level of ozone and control is critical, the actual implementation is not too difficult in most applications. Most facilities already have some devices in place for overall water treatment and filtration, along with devices to increase oxygen levels in the water. Ozone can typically be added to air, or oxygen feeds that are already in place.

Control of ozone can be done with simple ORP monitors that may already be on-site. By using the output signal of the ORP sensor into the ozone generators ozone levels in water can be controlled within fairly tight tolerances.

Ozonated Ice:

After fish are harvested they are typically stored on ice. Another great use of ozone is ozonated ice. By dissolving ozone into water and quickly freezing this water, ozone is essentially trapped within the ice.

Ozone is an excellent antimicrobial agent, and is commonly used to extend shelf life of many food products. By locking ozone into the ice, and placing fish on this ice, the benefit of ozone is slowly released to extend the shelf life, and improve the quality of your fish while storing and shipping to your end user.

Should you have questions on implementing ozone in your aquaculture or fish farming application, give us a call, or e-mail. We would be glad to share our previous experience with you.

Technical Documents:

Below is a list of technical documents and papers on the use of ozone in aquaculture for your review. Click on text links below to open the PDF documents.

      Ozone and UV used for recirculating salmonid culture system

      Examples and applications of ozone and UV use in aquaculture

      Ozone used in rainbow trout system - part #1

      Ozone used in rainbow trout system - part #2

      Ozone followed by UV for bacteria inactivation in freshwater system

      The use of ozone and foam fractionation in aquaculture system


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