Ozone use for Surface Sanitation on Dairy Farms

Ozone is used for surface sanitation in many food and processing applications.  These same benefits can be brought to a dairy.

If ozone water is used on your dairy this ozone should be used for your cleaning process.  Water sprayed in the milking parlor and milk house for normal cleaning can be ozone water to offer improved cleaning of surfaces and surface sanitation at no additional costs to the dairy.  By improving surface sanitation and eliminating bacteria in more places on your dairy herd health can be improved and milk quality can be assured.


How It Works:

Ozone is dissolved into water that is sprayed throughout the dairy.  Water for washing flows through an ozone injection system and is pumped throughout your facility no different that water without ozone.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant that kills all bacteria on contact.  Ozone at a level of 2.0 ppm will achieve a 5 log reduction in bacteria in 3 seconds of contact time.

Ozone in water can be spryaed in the parlor on all surfaces, not just teat wash.  Hands can be washed with aqueous ozone, milker machines can be sanitized, along with water spayed into the machines to prevent cross-contamination from cow to cow, or groups to groups.  Using ozone as a standard part of surface sanitation will decrease cross contamination of illness and improve overall herd health.


Benefit of Ozone:

Improved surface sanitation throughout the facility will lower cross contamination of illness and disease.

Ozone equipment is a one time cost.  Overall cost savings will be realized by eliminating chemical usage for sanitaion products.