Water Pump

Water Pumps for Ozone Injection

Stainless Steel ozone resistant pumps for ozone injection.  Pumps use viton seals and ozone resistant pump shaft seal.  All pumps are 120 - 220 VAC power and will operate on 1-phase power.


Water Pump Comparison Chart
Product Typical Water Flow HP Price
Water Pump: WP-1
WP-1 Pump
Water Pump: WP-2
WP-2 Pump
20 GPM @ 33 PSI 0.75
Water Pump: WP-3
WP-3 Pump
20 GPM @ 40 PSI 1.5
Water Pump: WP-4
WP-4 Pump
25 GPM @ 60 PSI 2.0
Water Pump: WP-5
WP-5 Pump
30 GPM @ 65 PSI 2
CM5-2 Ozone Injection Pump
CM5-2 Pump
20 GPM @ 33 PSI 1.0
CM5-3 Ozone Injection Pump
CM5-3 Pump
20 GPM @ 51 PSI 1.4
CM5-4 Ozone Injection Pump
CM5-4 Pump
25 GPM @ 60 PSI 2.3
CM5-5 Ozone Injection Pump
CM5-5 Pump
30 GPM @ 65 PSI 3.4

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Example of a Pump in Use on an Ozone Water System

Ozone Water System

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Stainless steel centrifugal pump with ozone resistant seals is completely ozone resistant.  When used with the proper venturi injector this pump will efficiently dissolve ozone into water.   This is a great pump for pumping ozone water, or mixing ozone gas with water efficiently.

We suggest using pump with Mazzei Venturi Injectors

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