Ozone Destruct Devices

Safely revert ozone gas to oxygen

-Process gas destruct units - operate at very high O3 concentrations +10% by weight, wet or dry gas streams

-Ambient Air destruct units - 90% ozone destruction in ambient air at air high flow-rates

-Water destruct units - UV lights for ozone destruction in water streams

-Replacement parts and Carulite


Ozone Destruct Unit Frequently Asked Questions

Process Gas Destruct Unit

At rated flow-rates these destruct units provide 99.96% ozone destruction. Designed for high ozone concentrations. Rated flow-rates based on 10% ozone concentration. Dry ratings assume a gas stream with dew point of 0-deg F, typical output of an ozone generator is considered "dry". Wet ratings for gas streams with humidity in the gas stream (off-gassed ozone).

Larger units and custom units are available upon request.

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Product Dry Gas Rating Wet Gas Rating Price
CDU-15 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-15 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-30 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-30 Ozone Destruct Device
60 LPM 30 LPM
CDU-250 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-250 Ozone Destruct Device
250 LPM N/A
CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device
600 LPM 300 LPM
Destruct unit with blower
CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device with Blower Assembly
300 LPM 300 LPM
CDU-300 Ozone Destruct Device
CDU-3000 Ozone Destruct Device
6,000 LPM 3,000 LPM
Ozone Scrubber with blower fan
CDU-3000 Ozone Destruct Device with Blower Option
3,000 LPM 3,000 LPM




Ambient Air Destruct Units

At rated flow-rates these destruct units perform 90% ozone destruction. Designed for operation in a room, chamber, or area where ozone levels in a space need to be lowered. We suggest using these in areas where ozone levels are 200 ppm or lower.

Product Nominal Gas Flow Rate Price
Ambient air Ozone Scrubber
CDA-75 Ozone Scrubber
75 CFM
Ambient air ozone scrubber
CDA-250 Ozone Scrubber
250 CFM
Ambient air ozone scrubber
CDA-500 Ozone Scrubber
500 CFM





UV-based ozone destruct units for water streams

The UV Water Purification Systems are capable of efficiently destroying ozone directly in water.  These will achieve 90% ozone destruction in water at proper water flow-rates.

Product Dimensions (LxWxH) GPM Price
S17A Ultraviolet System
L 19.4" x W 4.3" x H 8.2" 3
S23A Ultraviolet System
L 23.4" x W 4.3" x H 8.2" 6
S37C Ultraviolet System
L 39.4" x W 5.7" x H 9.5" 12
S50C Ultraviolet System
L 52.4" x 5.7" x Height: 9.5" 20
S2400C Ultraviolet System
L 52.4" x W 6.6" x H 11.1" 40
Megatron Ultraviolet Systems
Dimensions Vary 1+

Call For Price




Destruct Unit Replacement Parts

Replacement pieces to repair your destruct units. These parts are compatible with either the CDU or the CDA destruct units. 

Product Compatible With Price
Ambient Destruct Media (Small)
Ambient Destruct Media (small)
CDA Destruct Units

Call For Price

Carulite-200 ozone destruct media
Carulite 200
CDU Destruct Units
CDU-150 Rebuild Kit
CDU Rebuild Kit
CDU Destruct Units
Ambient Destruct Media
Ambient Destruct Media
CDA Destruct Units

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