Remove stink from shoes using Ozone!

StinkBoss – Eliminate Sneaker Smells

It is a fact – sneakers stink. And we know that bad odors emitted from your shoes are the absolute worst. Even if you are generally a clean and hygienic person, sometimes your shoes just have a rancid odor. You have probably tried everything to eliminate the smell- using powders or sprays in them, left them outside for a night, thrown them in the washing machine but it seems like nothing works well enough to completely eliminate the lingering stink. StinkBOSS has a solution for all your smelly items, especially your shoes.

By using heat and ozone technology, StinkBOSS dries, disinfects, and deodorizes your shoes or any other item that produces a bad, foul, nasty odor that makes you gag. Besides sneakers, the StinkBOSS can be used on athletic gear, flip flops, or virtually any other stinky clothing. It is very easy to use. To use it, simply drop your items in the enclosed container, set the timer, and then hit the start button. The stink that comes with sneakers is almost completely unavoidable. Moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, and when mixed with sweat you get odors. To combat the bacteria, the StinkBOSS applies heat to fully dry every nook and cranny of the item. Then the ozone technology gets to work. Ozone is a natural gas and is also the most powerful disinfectant that occurs in nature. By applying it to your smelly shoes or clothing, bacteria dies off and your shoes are left odorless. Even better, the StinkBOSS is simple to use, even kids can easily use it.

With its compact, and easily portable size this becomes a convenient device for everyday use. You can pick up the StinkBOSS for $149.99 by heading to today.

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Ozone removes stink from shoes by killing the bacteria on the shoes themselves.  Learn more about ozone’s effect on bacteria HERE.