Ozone Chamber for Safe Ozone Use

Introducing the Ozone Chamber for safe ozone use.  This is a great device that can be used at home, or in your lab to harness the power of ozone without ozone escaping into the ambient air.

Ozone chamber with scrubbers and diffusers
Ozone Chamber – $99.50

The Ozone Chamber comes with an ozone scrubber to place on the off-gas vent that will destroy all off-gassed ozone from your application.  Tubing and a diffuser are used to bubble ozone in the bottom of the liquid or other substance.  We provide the Ozone Chamber with a spare scrubber and diffuser.


The Ozone Chamber can be used with the OXS-300 Ozone Generator to easily apply ozone to fruits, vegetables, and produce you may have.  Using ozone in food products will prolong  the shelf life of foods, and reduce bacteria, pathogens and pesticides.

Treat fruit with Ozone using the Ozone Chamber and Ozone Generator

How to use:

Open the top of the Ozone Chamber using the handles.  Place produce and water into the chamber.  Ozone will dissolve into the water and help kill all bacteria that the water touches.  This activated water is a powerful pathogen killer.


The Ozone Chamber can also be used to safely ozonate water for drinking or for washing other items.

Image shows the larger 1KNT Ozone Generator used with oxygen to create high levels of dissolved ozone in water safely.

Create your Own Ozonated Olive Oil using the Ozone Chamber and an ozone generator.  Place the olive oil in the chamber and ozonate for as long as you need, without the risk of excess ozone off-gassing into room or ambient air!

Common Uses for the Ozone Chamber:

  • Sanitize Fruits and Vegetables
  • Remove mold from Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ozonate water for drinking
  • Treat water with high levels of ozone for sanitation
  • Production of Ozonated Olive Oil
  • Material compatibility testing with ozone
  • Chemical Synthisis
  • Laboratory Experiments with ozone