New TGOGS series of ozone generators

Toshiba generating ozone for a cleaner future

by ClickGreen staff.

Toshiba is leading the way in harnessing the power of ozone to deliver large-scale water treatment that also benefits the environment.

Ozone is one of nature’s strongest and most effective oxidisers, second only to fluorine. It is used to vital effect on water supplies, bleaching, deodorising, sterilising, and oxidising organic and inorganic matter – without any detrimental effect on the planet.

As such, it is the perfect fit for Toshiba’s corporate philosophy of ‘Smart Community’, as part of which the Japanese multinational aims to create and provide integrated solutions that combine achieving a safe and comfortable society with sound environmental credentials.

Toshiba launched its first ozone generator in 1976 and has remained at the forefront of water treatment technology, developing and operating state-of-the-art equipment on a major scale, and contributing to improving drinking water quality in metropolitan areas including Tokyo and Osaka. The company now boasts the largest market share in the drinking water treatment sector in Japan.

Its latest innovation within this field, the TGOGS series of ozone generators, has been designed for optimum efficiency in a less bulky package. These more compact machines can be customised to the specific needs of customers and are available for drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment or industrial plant treatment.

Ozone generators contain a large number of electric discharge tubes. When oxygen gas or dry air are fed into the machine and a high voltage is applied to the discharge tubes, ozone is created.
Ozone water treatment is a method that is growing in popularity, and Toshiba is at the vanguard in making maximum use of its inherent benefits.

A very reactive gas, ozone is naturally high-performing when it comes to breaking down pollutants, deactivating viruses and microorganisms, to ensure water is safe. Further, it oxidises substances such as sulphur and iron where they occur in water so that they can be easily and effectively filtered out.

And, unlike alternative water disinfectants such as chlorine, using an ozone generator does not produce any odour or residues. As well as removing any potentially harmful bacteria or organic material, the oxidising process using ozone improves the smell, colour and taste of drinking water – meaning that in addition to treating dirty water with dramatic consequences for health, it can offer a significant jump in quality in areas where water is already perfectly safe to drink but not necessarily palatable.

Crucially, ozone’s extremely powerful pollutant-destroying properties have no negative impact on the environment. The gas is quickly converted back into oxygen, leaving no trace after use. It is this unique combination of efficacy and environmental safety that has made ozone generation an integral part of Toshiba’s vision for the future – a vision that is increasingly shared on a global scale.