Ozone used for COD Reduction in Wastewater

Ozone use for wastewater treatment has gained popularity here in the USA in the last few years due to improved ozone equipment, and higher costs for competitive chemicals.  An article below outlines an implementation of ozone and UV for COD reduction.  However reductions in COD, BOD, and TOC were all realized.  For information on ozone use for wastewater contact our application engineers today!

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Ozone-Based Process for Industrial Wastewater COD Reduction

The chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal rate for industrial wastewater is higher than 95 percent, when using high ozone (oxidants) dosages, according to a study by ESCO International.

The company, which specializes in UV, ozone and advanced oxidation wastewater treatment processes for industrial, municipal and commercial use, says ozone-based advanced oxidation technology can help lower capital and operating expenses.

Its pilot study looked at ozone-based advanced oxidation processes — cost-effective alternatives to traditional chemicaltreatment for COD and biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal that do not produce sludge.

The results indicate that the primary control parameters for COD and BOD removal using ozone based-AOP are dosage, contact time and pH, the company says. As the ozone (oxidants) dose is increased, carbon-carbon single bonds are attacked and broken, resulting in a loss of COD, BOD and TOC. At stoichiometric ozone (oxidants) dosages, COD removal rate is higher than 95 percent.

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