Measurement of Peroxidic Species in Ozonized Sunflower Oil

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Ozone: Science & Engineering

The Journal of the International Ozone Association

Volume 28, 2006 - Issue 3

Authors:  Goitybell Martinez Tellez , Oscar Ledea Lozano & Maritza F. Díaz Gómez

Pages 181-185 | Received 18 Apr 2005, Accepted 10 Nov 2005, Published online: 18 Jan 2007


Peroxidic species in ozonized sunflower oil using different methods as iodometric and ferrous oxidation in xylenol orange (FOX) were measured. The necessary reaction time from two minutes up to 36 hours using iodometric assay in ozonized sunflower oil was determined. Peroxide values achieved maximum values at 24 hours of reaction time. Hydroperoxides content measured by FOX assay and peroxide value determined at two minutes using iodometric assay had a linear relationship (r2 = 98.18%), while, at 24 hours a logarithmic relationship (r2 = 98.39%) was shown. Values of hydroperoxides were lower than peroxides values at 24 hours and represent between 23 and 44% in all samples of ozonized sunflower oil studied.


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