Review of ozone in grain processing


Application of ozone in grain processing

Authors: B.K. Tiwaria, , ,  C.S. Brennanb,  T. Currana, E. Gallagherc,  P.J. Cullend,  C.P. O’ Donnella


Ozone is an effective fumigant for insect killing, mycotoxin destruction and microbial inactivation which has a minimal or no effect on grain quality. Studies have demonstrated that ozone which is a natural agent, may offer unique advantages for grain processing along with addressing growing concerns over the use of harmful pesticides. This paper focuses on the efficacy of ozone for preservation of food grains and discusses the possible effects on product quality. Inactivation mechanisms for micro-organisms and mycotoxins are detailed. Critical intrinsic and extrinsic factors governing inactivation are discussed along with potential grain applications.

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