Ozone used pest control in stored grain


Ozone: A new control strategy for stored grain

L.J. Mason1*, C.P. Woloshuk2
, F. Mendoza2
, D.E. Maier3
, S.A. Kells


Due to the Montreal Protocol, pesticide resistance and the increased demand for organic grains, food  manufacturers and grain handlers are looking for new ways to control insects and pathogens in stored  commodities. Ozone, a powerful oxidant, has numerous beneficial applications. We have evaluated the efficacy of ozone to control pests of stored grain, the flow characteristics of ozone through various grains and the effects of long exposure times to higher concentrations on the chemical composition and processing performance of various food quality grains. A summary of this work will be presented as well as a discussion of other potential uses for this alternative pest treatment.

Key words: Ozone, Insect Pests, Fungal Pests, Fumigation Alternative,

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