VMD-8 Air Dryer

This model has now been updated to the VMD-12 Air Dryer


The VMD-8 Vacuum Driven Air Dryer is a wall mountable air dryer intended for use with an ozone generator and venturi injector for simple water treatment systems. Heat Regenerative Air Dryer capable of air flows up to 8 LPM.

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VMD-8 Air Dryer provides 8 LPM Dry Air for ozone generation.  Heat Regenerative, vacuum driven air dryer designed for use with venturi injector and ozone generator to produce ozone.

Will provice air dried to -40-deg-F dew point for efficient ozone generation.  Using an air dryer with your ozone generator will produce more ozone, more efficiently, and prevent impurities and costly down-time.

Ships with moisture indicator and short length of poly tubing.  Air desiccant is included and is ready for use upon delivery.

The VMD-08 conforms to CSA C22-2 No. 61010-1 and UL 61010-1.


Key Features:

     -8 LPM Dry Air

     -Wall mountable

     -Compact size

     -Reliable design, no major moving parts

     -Easy to use and maintain



Optional Enclosure:

The NEMA 4 enclosure option provides protection of the VMUS-4 ozone generator in hostile and wet environments.   The clear cover allows for easy monitoring of display on the ozone generator or dryer.   A fan draws cooling air through a slash-resistant vent and filter in the bottom and blows out a splash-resistant vent and filter on the side.   Cord grips seal around the feed gas and ozone tube connections.  The VMUS-4  can be easily removed for service.  An internal outlet is used to power the fan and the ozone generator.  Fan is on continuously when the unit is powered.  

Enclosure can be mounted to wall either with anchors through 4 holes accessible from the inside, or using optional mounting tabs at each corner.   
Material Polycarbonate
Composition Non-Metallic
Number of Doors 1
Cover Design Hinged
Window/Clear Cover Yes
Latching Mechanism Latch
NEMA Rating NEMA 4
H x W x D 21 x 17x x8
Weight 10 lbs



Air Flow 8 LPM Max
Max Temp 95-deg F
Max Humidity 85% RH
Voltage 100-120 VAC 50/50 Hz
Power Consumption 125 watts
Dimensions 15" high x 8.7" wide x 3.2" deep
Warranty 3-year


You can purchase replacement/maintenace parts for your VMD-8 Air Dryer here.




Sepc Sheet

More Information
Manufacturer Azco
Quickbooks Stock Level -1.000000
Call For Price No
Unit Features

- Vacuum Driven Air Dryer

- Air flows up to 8 LPM

Range Up to 8 LPM
Material of construction Stainless Steel
Flow Rates

Air flows up to 8 LPM

Gas Connections NA
Warranty 1 Year
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