1AVCW Float

The 1AVCW float is a replacement floating piece for the 1AVCW Ozone Air Vent. This stainless steel piece is part of a simple ball-float mechanism that allows to the automatic discharge of air without the use of electricity or the loss of liquid. Because the 1AVCW float is made of stainless steel it resists corrosion, reducing maintenance costs and assuring a longer life.


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Full list of 1AVCW parts

Vendor Part# Our Part#
D80386 1AVCW Cap
D104715 1AVCW Oring Set
D80387 1AVCW Fitting
D84655 1AVCW Clear Bowl
A22447 1AVCW Float
D503515 1AVCW Mechanism

Diagram of 1AVCW with float

The float is connected to the 1AVCW by a stainless steel lever mechanism which is screwed to the cap.

For more information or to view the lever mechanism click here

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