Wireless Monitoring & Data logging Kit

Use the Remote Monitoring & Data logging Kit with your fixed mount monitor to connect it to the internet allowing access from anywhere. Instant notification with free text and email alerts.


Connect gas detectors to the internet using our Remote Monitoring Solutions.


Gas Sensing now offers products to easily connect a gas detector to the internet through their partnership with Sensorfi.


Advantages to connecting a gas monitor to the internet:

     -Knowledge of gas concentrations anytime, from anywhere by simply opening our app on a smartphone.

     -Free email and SMS text message alerts for alarming situations.

     -24/7 data logging to view trends over a given amount of time.

     -No monthly fees. 


When purchasing a Fixed-Mount Gas Monitor with this accessory, Gas Sensing will set this up for you to make this as plug and play as possible!


How does it work?

Most of our fixed and wall-mount monitors come equipped with an analog output that corresponds with the gas concentration the monitor is detecting. This makes it possible to interface the gas monitor to a PLC, Panel Meter, Data Logger, or in this case a Wireless Analog Sensor



Wireless Analog Sensor                         Gateway                                                     Online Portal


Example of wireless gas detection in image form                                              



The Wireless Analog Sensor communicates to a Gateway via radio frequency. The gateway is connected to your network, via USB or Ethernet, then by logging into the Online Portal you will have full access to remotely monitor gas concentrations.


What's Included:

     -Wireless Analog Sensor/s


     -Online Portal Credentials.

 See item descriptions below:


Wireless Analog Sensor - This is the device that is connected to the Fixed Mount Gas Monitor. There are 2 types we offer:

Standard Wireless Analog Sensor Standard -  Plastic Enclosure,   Uses 2 Replaceable AA 1.5V Batteries,     250 - 300 ft. non-line-of-sight device range.


Industrial wireless ozone sensor transmitterIndustrial -   IP65, NEMA 4X, CE rated, Sealed, weatherproof enclosure,    Uses Replaceable 3.6V 1800mAH Battery,    300 - 350 ft. non-line-of-sight device range.





Gateway-  The device used to recieve the gas monitor concentrations and send them to the online portal for remote monitoring. There are 2 types we offer:

 USB Gateway for wireless ozone detectionUSB - This gateway communicates to the internet by having it plugged into your computer.


wireless ozone sensor gatewayEthernet - This gateway communicates to the internet via Ethernet protocol. This is best if there is a Local Area Network with an internet connection.


Cellular Gateways are also available. Please Contact us if needed.



Online portal for wireless ozone detection  Online Portal  - After the purchase of the Wireless Monitoring & Data Logging Kit you will receive the credentials to log into the online portal to remotely view sensor data in real time.




Gas Monitors we can set up with Remote Monitoring:

Essentially every Fixed-Mount Gas Montior we offer is equipped with an analog output we can use to interface with. Click here to view our Fixed-Mount Gas Monitors.


 Questions? Contact us today to learn more!


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