Food Odors

Food/Cooking Odor Removal with Ozone

Whether it’s food that got burnt, stuck to the top of the stove, or turned out great but the smell just won’t go away, ozone is the perfect solution to get rid of that lingering kitchen odor. All-in-all, there is a very long list of things that could be causing the malodors in your kitchen. From garlic, to eggs, to the food that got left in the fridge and developed mold, ozone is going to be your best bet to making sure the odor is gone for good. Not only is ozone the answer to getting rid of the odor in your home kitchen, but it is also perfect for commercial applications as well. 


Where Food Odors are Commonly Present:

Most of us will first consider our home kitchens when thinking about odor from our food and cooking, however, food odors are present in many places and ozone can help with eliminating odors at a much larger scale. Large kitchens that are used in schools/universities or bar & grills, and company break rooms that wreak from microwaved leftovers can all benefit immensely from using ozone.

Individually Commercially
     -Home Kitchens      -Bar/Restaurant Kitchens
     -Microwaves      -School Cafeterias
     -Fridges/Freezers      -Company Break Rooms


How to Remove Food Odors:

Ozone is extremely efficient at getting rid of different cooking and food odors. For the best results, close off the area you are trying to ozonate, then simply run your ozone generator. (Please contact us if you need help determining what would be the most efficient ozone concentration for your specific needs). When it comes to removing your cooking odors it may be a good idea to clean the surfaces of the area you are ozonating so you can make sure to get rid of the source of the odor. Doing this before ozonation will ensure that odor does not come back.

In theory, food odors should be very simple to take care of with ozone. However, there are a couple factors that will determine just how long the process takes. The first is the strength of the odor and the second is the size of the area you are trying to eliminate the odor from. As you can expect, the deodorizing process tends to take longer and require more ozone if the smell is stronger and the area is larger. As a general rule, you should expect the process to take at least 2 days but it may take up to 2 weeks in extreme circumstances. 



It is extremely important to note that ozone, while indoors, at high levels, can become harmful to breathe in. It is also probable that to properly get rid of an odor with ozone (in smaller spaces) you are going to need ozone levels above the safety concentration (according to OSHA: workers should not be exposed to an average concentration of more than 0.10 ppm of ozone for 8 hours). Because of this, please make sure that there are no people or animals in an area where high concentrations of ozone are going to be present. For tracking ozone concentrations while you eliminate food odors, we recommend using a handheld ozone monitor which you can find here. 


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