One thought on “IOA Statement on COVID-19

  1. Friends,

    The spread of SAR-coV-2 is advancing at an exponential rate and is reaching mathematically critical mass. Even at this early stage, hospitals are running short on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Reuse of ‘disposable’ gear is already necessary in many places.

    Yet many to most hospitals have ozone generators in hand. It appears to have been overlooked that they can potentially be used to sterilize PPE in room-sized batches. But delay means the gear to be sterilized will largely have been disposed of.

    I would strongly urge your organization to …

    A) Coordinate and fast-track research to determine SAR-coV-2’s susceptibility to ozone shock treatments.
    B) Establish guidelines for safe hospital and improvised sterilization of PPE and contaminated spaces.
    C) Spread the word, ASAP.

    It may well be that A) can, in this crisis, be dispensed with in favor of ‘quality control’ guidelines. That is to say, a hospital can shock treat a batch of gear, and themselves check for success. Even a reduced viral load would be better than simply re-used or go without.

    The same considerations apply to in home care, though the challenges for safe use are greater.

    Again, time for action is distressingly short.


    Dave Zeiger

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