Ozone bag for removing odor from gym clothes

A new kickstarter campaign has been released showcasing a gym bag with a built-in ozone generator.  This bag can be used to remove odors from your gym (or hunting?) clothing to ensure no foul odors are emitted when you go to retrieve your belongings.

ozone gym bag
Ozone bag keeps your gear odor free

Packed with over 20 premium features, the Paqsule (Pack-sul) bag kills germs & odors in your bag and everything you put inside of it.

PAQSULE (Pack-Sul) is the smart, self-cleaning bag. With one push of a button on the bag or your smartphone, you can activate the chemical-free PaqTech™ system to deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria, keeping your bag and everything inside germ free and smelling FRESH!

Ozone gym bag
Ozone gym bag

The ozone bag uses ozone and UV to to sterilize and remove all odors inside the bag, and in anything in the bag.  Cycle time is 35 minutes to complete and is completed with integrated rechargeable batteries.  Ozone can do it’s work while you are driving, biking, or walking back from the gym.

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